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The Great Kat - Wagner's War

The Great Kat
Wagner's War

A collision of heavy metal and pieces of classical that have enriched many lives throughout centuries land in a fiery pit under the title of "The Great Kat". A project of a classical prodigy gone horribly wrong into an uncontrollable musical beast on her outing entitled "Wagner's War". A crossroads of Beethoven on acid meeting the musical fury of a woman on a mission that most man can't compete with.

Gaining numerous accolades as being one of the fastest female shredder's and leaving some people with their jaws dropped to the floor, there is no question about the talent The Great Kat posses both in classical and heavy metal music.

This first outing, even for an EP, is brief. Seven tracks, two vocal-less, "Wagner's War" clocks in at just over eleven minutes long. The level of talent is evident, but overall the effort itself is not yet cohesive. The potential of something unique to her as combining shredding guitars and classical music is not quite realized on this effort, at least not… yet.


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