"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metalwhore Webzine
By Rabishu Xul, Metalwhore Webzine


THE GREAT KAT - Extreme Guitar Shred DVD
Produced By: The Great Kat / TPR Music - 2005

The Great Kat's "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metalwhore Webzine


  • Six Great Kat Music Videos (excellent)
  • Three Shred Bonus Features
  • Hot Kat Photos & Wild Graphics
  • Classical Shred Versions of Wagner, Liszt, Vivaldi, Bazzini, & Sarasate.

Upon receiving this DVD and opening it I was certain The Great Kat must have devised some evil plan to kill me, death by finger nail polish remover style. The entire inside of the DVD case and the DVD itself reeked hardcore of finger nail polish remover. I guess she must have been doing her nails or something and knocked a bottle of that stuff over on it by accident, either that or she was really trying to kill me.

The Great Kat's "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metalwhore Webzine

The packaging is nice, cool photos and graphics on the front and back. She looks very hot with her legs spread open, so much skin showing, yummm, she's got legs that kill, and she wears some extremely tight pleather looking shiny shorts that are so short that they are more like panties or something, holy hell I just know my wang started throbbing when I started to study her curves, her breasts about to pop out of that tiny top she's wearing, oh so sweet, I'd follow those legs anywhere...in hopes of getting to follow them upward later.... only to be castrated most likely in one of her crazy outbursts she's known for... she could lead me to my death any day.

I opened it up, and after recovering from the massive dose of finger nail polish remover smell that came out @ me I threw it in the DVD player and was impressed with the cool menus and graphical works. Its got a nice look about it. I clicked onto watch all 6 shredding videos in a row and loaded my bowl.

1st came the video for Zapateado, featuring a U.S.A. theme, showing lots of red white and blue, giving major props to the greatest country on the Earth, land of the free, home of the brave. In the video you can watch her trade off with herself back and forth between guitar shredding and violin shredding. Its quite amazing actually to watch. And hard to describe.

2nd comes the video for Torture Chamber complete with The Great Kat torturing multiple guys with various torture devices, some of which are household items like a cooking pot, maybe some silverware from the kitchen, whips, chains, spikes, hooks, chainsaws, the full out bit. Its like a horror movie put to music. There's also an extreme amount of flesh showing in this video. The Great Kat totally will hypnotize you with her hot curves while leaving you in awe with one guitar shred after another. Then she will ripp your balls off and feed them to you, rape your girlfriend in front of you, beat your kids and run over your dog, and shit on your grandma all for fun.

The Great Kat's "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metalwhore Webzine

3rd comes the video for Castration once again she lures unsuspecting men into her web by showing them a lot of breastage and flesh (just the kind of bate a horny man cant resist) then when they least expect it they are trapped within her web. Before the guy knows what hit him she has his nuts in a jar on a table along with many other previous victims, sick video, horror put to music once again. Left my scrotum hurtin just watchin it. Its like a mini-shred opera mixed with a horror film.

4th comes the video for Live In Chicago which features The Great Kat standing on a stage with her band and thousands of Kat Slaves worshipping at her feet as she shreds away on her guitars and violin, her band behind her pounding a solid riff & beat for her to shred over. The Worshiping Bodies are everywhere and rightfully so.

5th comes the video for Dominatrix where once again you will see The Great Kat totally dominating multiple men while shredding atop of them with her guitar. With a little help from her band in the back ground, and her demonic helpers holding the victims down so she can torture them, have them lick her boots, while she spits on them... they love it... by the end she's covered in their blood and having a shred orgasm on her guitar. Another video filled with lots of flesh, breastage, ass, and some really nice crotch shots with her wearing a thong. The only thing missing is her pissing and shitting on her "victims", I would be honored to have her s**t and piss on me. After all she is the most awesome guitar goddess ever born. AND GOD!!!!!!!!

6th comes the video for War where she expresses her hatred for the ppl who attacked America on 9/11 and shows her support for war against anyone who would think of doing such a thing ever again. Another wild video filled with her sexy body and lots of flashing images of her shredding and holocaust victims from Hitler's reign, 911 footage, war footage, and a news channel theme going on, even got a 'ticker' at the bottom of the screen like it was on the news.... nice realistic touch there. Good work by everyone involved in making all of these videos.

The Great Kat's "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metalwhore Webzine

The bonus features are really cool, like a history lesson in classical shred. With audio tracks on all bonus features you get mucho shred for your money ($8). And all menus on this DVD also feature audio tracks from The Great Kat. So there's 'extra' stuff all over the place.

With Shredding Guitars, Shredding Violins, Demonic Vocals from hell, & enough flesh to kill a porn addict The Great Kat is sure to please even the most hardcore of horny metalheads. Her videos will have you masturbating while worshipping her lusciously sexy body and her out of this world musical skills will send even the best of guitarists back to the practice room. Keeping Practicing FAG!!!!! But you will never beat The Great Kat. She owns your fuckin nuts, NOW GET THIS DVD NOW OR REMAIN A LOSER FOREVER! YOU F**KIN FUCK!

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& or call the Kat Hotline: 800 528-9199
For a clip of the DVD go to this page.

Rabishu Rati
ng: 10

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