"Wagner's War" CD Review in Metalwhore Webzine
By Rabishu (Bogues) Xul, Metalwhore Webzine

The Great Kat's "Wagner's War" CD Review

Rating: 10 out of 10!

THE GREAT KAT - Wagner's War
Blood & Guts Music - 2002
Track Listing:
01. Wagner's "The Ride Of The Valkyries"
02. War
03. Terror
04. Punishment
05. Humiliation
06. Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody #2"
07. Sarasate's "Zapateado"

Well, I can remember being in the like 8th grade or something and getting from a friend a cassette tape of The Great Kat - Beethoven On Speed. And I was totally floored. I was like WTF? and ever since I've been a Kat Slave.
I remember my friend who was a practicing guitarist saying "I picked up this album from this chick The Great Kat, I heard she could shred like mad, and goddamn they were not lying she pisses me off, makes me want to just put my guitar down and quit. I will never be that bad ass" Once I put it in and listened I understood where he was coming from but it made me want to try even harder to be a better musician on my instrument. I was inspired very much so.

This latest release is a collection of songs sped up to cyberspeed form Wagner obviously. And to be quite honest, It felt like I was hit by a fucking bomb after the cd was over. I just put it on repeat and let the entire cd just repeat over and over for a few hours. Then went to ebay to replace the lost cassette I had all those years back. I found the cassette again on ebay for fairly cheap and obtained two cassettes of Great Kat - Beethoven On Speed. Gotta get that back in my collection.

Now since I am not a really in depth reviewer of albums. I cant say much other than what you already know about The Great Kat and her insane musick of the highest caliber. Total fucking shred guitar mixed with the classical stylings of Wagner. Transcribed note for note to the fretboard of a guitar and sped up to cyberKat speed. She's known for being one of the top ten fastest guitar shredders of all time. As voted by the readers of numerous metal zines and guitar mags. If you are a fan of shred and have never heard musick by The Great Kat you are gonna have to give her a shot. She's got you by the balls already and you don't even know it. So you might as well give in and go out and get Wagners War jammed packed with guitar shredding and violin shredding masterpieces only The Great Kat come spew forth. For a lot of people who don't keep up it might even come as a surprise that She's still around. Some people out there just don't keep up with stuff. And so if you are one of them. Let it be known The Great Kat has returned with a vicious attack on the people behind 9/11/01.
Wagners War is all based on how pissed off 9/11 made her. Being as how she lives in New York this should come as no surprise. Her city was attacked and she was very enraged by this and therefore has released this audio attack upon all the people who would seek to bring America to its knees.

Let it be known The Great Kat is on the prowl and looking for some balls to bash and skulls to crush. The album is cut into three sections. The first part of the cd is ACT I: War. The second part is ACT II: Revenge. and the third and final portion of the cd is entitled ACT III: Victory. If you do not go out and buy Wagners War then you need to punch yourself in the fucking face. Just go to her site www.GreatKat.com and check out some samples and all the other great stuff on her site and buy her cds and videos. Check out the hot photos section to see some sexxxy photos of The Great Kat. Or if you want to use the phone instead then punch in 1-800-KAT-9199 and you can get info that way as well. THE GREAT KAT IS DEVINE! & All you fucking morons need to wake up and realize The Great Kat owns you. Now submit to her and buy her fucking albums. ALL OF THEM!!!!!.

Rabishu Xul Rating: 10
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