"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in PulverRadio
By Mikey McClenathan, PulverRadio
The Great Kat - Extreme Guitar Shred DVD
It had been sitting on my desk for a few days, glaring at me. The Great Kat's new DVD accurately titled Extreme Guitar Shred. Something about the cover art intimidated me, so I'd been procrastinating. But finally, one fateful night last week, I brought the thing home with me, microwaved some SpaghettiOs (with meatballs), and settled into my favorite chair with my remote control. Once the FBI warning is out of the way, the screen is engulfed in flames, and the s**tstorm* begins. BDSM wear. Bouncing Great Kats (this is still just the menu). And one of the shred videos is called "Castration." Naturally, I chose that one first.
About 3 seconds in, I paused it. I got up, walked away, finished my SpaghettiOs in silence, and lay down for a good half hour to let them settle. Then I resumed.
Here's what the Extreme Guitar Shred DVD is: a collection of short, themed videos depicting The Great Kat doing variously discomforting things, to a soundtrack featuring her impressive chops. The woman can certainly play guitar, and credits herself with the creation of a new genre: Shred/Classical. She plays Wagner, Vivaldi, and more, interpreted through a dark metal lens. It's definitely an interesting concept.
Here's what it's not: for the faint of heart. It's bloody, and at times just plain disturbing; full of images of Kat on a bloody cross, making slaves lick her stilettos, shredding with fake blood literally dripping from her hands (and smeared all over her ever-prominent cleavage), cutting off dongers, etc. There's also a particularly controversial video showcasing The Great Kat's feelings regarding the US response to 9/11 (she's pro-war), complete with footage of the towers collapsing.
Bottom line: if you are a complete metal shred-head and you're not squeamish, you'll probably love this. If you're just a regular joe-schmo looking for some footage of a chick that plays guitar in a bustier, be prepared to avert your eyes. A lot.
As for me, I'm dying to interview this woman. Stay tuned...
* I mean no negative connotation by "s**tstorm." Watch this DVD. You'll know what I mean.
posted by Mikey@PulverRadio


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