"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in StreetBlast.com
By Jake A. Wheat, StreetBlast.com
The Great Kat - Extreme Guitar Shred DVD
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in StreetBlast.com
Today the most amazing thing arrived in my mailbox.  Well, actually - Im not going to the mailbox on my own right now, since I hurt my foot, because the maillady is being nice and bringing the mail to my door.  Nevermind all that.

I got a package in the mail today with a sticker that read "Fragile, Hangle With Care."  I had no idea what it was until I opened it, and realized that it was "The Great Kat Guitar Shredder" press package I was e-mailed about, which included a DVD called "Extreme Guitar Shred."  How lovely, I thought.  I shall pop this in after my physical therapy today, and relax to some indie music videos.  Relax.  Well, I tried to relax.

"The Great Kat Guitar Shredder" is a woman that you would not want to meet in a dark alley.  She is the kind of woman that blends Alice Cooper with Beethoven, with a dash of "INSERT SPEED METAL BAND NAME HERE."  She is certainly unique.

Upon popping in her DVD, I was greated by a flaming screen of fire, and images of her dancing on my television.  When I selected the option to watch her videos, I was greeted by a whirling fireball, and then was greeted by her "family night at the movies" video titles.  Such family classics as "Torture Chamber" and "Castration."  I hear George and Barbara Bush consider these to be their favorites.

As I laugh out loud from what I just wrote, I have to warn you that "The Great Kat" appears to be an artist with more talent than any guitar player I have ever heard in my life.  She had classical training, and then moved into the realm of making her own genre of music combining metal and classical, to some sort of shred type of mixture which just works against a horror theme.

Horror is depicted in most of her videos in one respect or another, along with her video "War" which shows the World Trade Center exploding and a lot of patriotic jump cuts and flashes.  While I am all for artistic liberties, let it be known I have always been against using 9/11 as a backdrop for a video, regardless of intent.  Having said that, it is one of only two gripes I have with the DVD.  The other gripe being that you don't get any interviews with "The Great Kat," nor do you get to learn more about her in a biographical (or autobiographical) setting.  She has well enough talent to give us that "ego," in a DVD, I expected it - actually desired it, but the DVD production only has her music.  In some way, perhaps - maybe that is all she wishes to speak with? 

My pros on this DVD are many.  I enjoyed tremendously her musical style, and was very impressed with her finger bleeding guitar shredding which would make most guitar players slack jawed.  I also enjoyed the horror elements she provided, since I am a gore fan.

If I had to pick the most disturbing video, it would have to be "Castration."  In this heartwarming segment, "The Great Kat" cuts the hot dog off of some poor guy, and puts it in a jar.  It's quite graphic, but thank God for the little black censor bar.  It saved me from too much sympathy pain.

To order your own copy of this original masterpiece, please visit the website link below.  If your a guy, just make sure you wear your metal undies before you do it! ;)



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