"Wagner's War" CD Review in SMN News
By Erin Fox, SMN News
Aspiring black metal guitarists would do well to take some notesfrom this most frightening female who is hands down the fastestguitarist ripping up a fretboard today. In addition to The Great Kat’s amazing guitar abilities, she is extremely proficient on the violin as well. One listen and you'll agree that Kat has composed some of the most blazing metal riffs reve recorded.

The songs here on ‘Wagner’s War’ are delivered at breakneck speedas Kats fingers roar across the frets at a lightning quick pace. The seven songs contained on this release clock in at a total of eleven minutes and eight seconds, however, there are more notes packed onto this CD than on most forty minute albums. Until you have heard the insanely rapid shredding of this classically influenced wonder, it is impossible to imagine the sheer speed at which she plays.

In addition to being a sort of modern day Paganini on methamphetamines, Kat delivers some sick vocals on a couple of the songs that are quite disturbed to say the least. But the overall emphasis here is on the guitars and violins, where Kat is most devastating. Her virtuosity on these instruments is nothing short of amazing on ‘Humiliation’, as her fingers fly at the speed of light, destroying the egos of would be shredders instantaneously.

As always, Kat incorporates elements of classical compositions intoher playing including Wagner’s ‘The Ride Of The Valkyries’, Liszt’s ‘Hungarian Rhapsody #2’ and Sarasate’s ‘Zapateado’. Of her own compositions, ‘War’ probably stands out as the most brutal, unforgiving track; with its blazing intensity and sheer forcefulness.

If you’re a fan of shredding guitar or classically influenced metal, The Great Kat delivers the type of no holds barred guitar acrobatics that makes for an excellent listen. Her skills are virtually unmatched in the metal arena and with ‘Wagner’s War’; she has created yet another shred masterwork. Rating: 8/10

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