The Great Kat Interview in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (ITALY)!
(January 2008, Issue #51)
By Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)
The Great Kat Interview in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (ITALY)! Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)The Great Kat Interview in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (ITALY)! Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)
The Great Kat Interview in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (ITALY)! Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)
English Translation:
"Obey The Great Kat! One who loves to 'shred' Classical Music. And the terrorists"
"With her, the themes of Beethoven become a projectile."
The velocity of the guitar is a myth like the length of the penis. And one is surprised to discover that there exists a human that fast, which is a furious woman. She is called The Great Kat and I have not found one photo without her mouth wide open like a vampire, always dressed like a dominatrix and covered in blood of her enemies. Costumed in this way, there is a madness that covers her niceness. The young graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, declares that Classical Music was killed because of Cage and Schonberg, The Great Kat has decided to convert the immortal themes of Beethoven and Wagner, which she calls "shred/classical", where the score is condensed like a bullet from a AK47. I contacted her by email, well knowing that she simulates general hysteria and answers every question with lick my feet and bow to your master. We discuss paradoxically about Giuseppe Verdi and Paganini - that she admires - but the rest of the world, obviously composed of slaves, slow people and inferiors in general. The only person towards which she extends admiration for (but admits to getting bored of) is Ted Nugent. Perhaps the idea of Ted entered into her mind, because of the relationship with the enemies of the USA. In her last and warlike "Wagner's War" (lasts 11 minutes "people do not have time, stupid!"). The Great Kat talks lyrically about her prescription for the terrorists: "Disembowel and burn him to a crisp. Throw his cadaver in a Pile of crap." Obviously, this sugary Pro-Bush stance is not right for everyone's taste, also the titles like "Bloody Vivaldi", "Rossini's Rape" or "Beethoven On Speed" are filled with a little bit of irony. In every way, The Great Kat never removes her mask; she tolerates not sleeping or hobbies, except for shredding Classical Music. She does not appear to be into the sexual field, but probably has the sexual appetite of a lion, a feline that finishes in seven seconds, cleans herself, and if she smoked, would also light up a cigarette. Sooner or later, we all will want her concert-lightning bolts. In that case, prepare to be profoundly enlightened.



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