"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metal UK Online Music Magazine
By Stuart A Hamilton, Metal UK Online Music Magazine
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Metal UK Online Music Magazine
The Great Kat – Extreme Guitar Shred
TPR - 2005
Publication date: 28 March 2005, 13:16:32  |  Author: Stuart A Hamilton


I remember when The Great Kat first came on the scene. The subject of much derision, she is a classically-trained violin virtuoso who graduated from Julliard, before taking up guitar to create her own classical metal shred fusion. And I suppose it's the detractors who're red faced as The Great Kat is still going strong, and has now entered the DVD age.
Her gimmick is reworking classical music and playing it faster than anyone else. Well, apart from the people ahead of her on Guitar One’s list of Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time. Personally, I was never fascinated with speed and hold Mike Varney personally responsible for some dreadful records being released. But at least, here, with pictures, there's more to try and hold the interest.
As you should be able to tell from the tracklisting, The Great Kat has adopted a Genitorturer approach to her persona, and if the video for "Castration" doesn't get the menfolk cupping their cups, nothing will.
For non-Americans, the “Zapateado” and “War” videos will be a tad gung ho, but it never did Ted Nugent any harm in his homeland. “Torture Chamber” and “Dominatrix” do just what they say on the box, and feature the vocal shredding of the Great Kat, as well. You then get a taster of her live show in “Live In Chicago”, to prove that she can do it outside the studio as well.
There's no denying that The Great Kat is a talented guitarist, but her music on record still leaves me cold. However, the DVD adds an extra dimension and was certainly entertaining. I'm not sure that the feminists out there will entirely approve of her man baiting and leather outfits, but she holds nothing back in pursuit of her chosen musical path

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