"Rossini's Rape" CD Review in Metalliville Webzine

By Glenn Milligan, Metalliville

"The Great Kat. ‘Rossini’s William Tell Overture for Symphony Orchestra and Band’ must be the maddest version of this famous classic."

The Great Kat – Rossini’s Rape
"Rossini's Rape" CD Review in Metalliville Webzine
Well, what can be said for this S&M Psychotic Queen of Classically based speed metal rock. Basically, ‘Rossini’s Rape’ is purely over the top material that is far more entertaining than some old granny’s loft crap (the usual orchestral classical tripe that clogs up the local charity shop).  I’ve never heard classical music sound like this – there’s most definitely life in that old stuff still, if The Great Kat has anything to do with it.  Although ‘Rossini’s Rape’ is only a four tracker it’s the best instrumental offering I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. 
Opener, ‘Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” for Symphony Orchestra and Band’ must be the maddest version of this famous classic known to man...‘Sodomize’ is a wacky speed metal piece complete with bashing cymbals and explicit lyrics like, ‘I’m gonna shove this big fat stick up your little ass!! Etc. – erm – nuff said on that score!!! 
‘Castration’ is a pure take of the Michael – it sounds like speeded up Cradle of Filth mixed in with ‘Kat harping on about chopping off a mans penis’.  This number is even available in video form as well – in which you see The Great Kat dressed in a nurse outfit doing a whole manner of tasteless things – it’s not exactly family viewing I can assure you – You’ve just got to see this to believe – it’s guaranteed to leave you mouth-ajar and completely lost for words.
Last, but by no means least is ‘Bazzini’s “The Round of the Goblins” for Violin, Piano and Band’, which like all of the above is super-fast, but is undoubtedly classical instrumental metal in its finest form.
Rossini’s Rape is short – but worth buying.  I’d like to hear a full album from her.  For more details check out her site www.greatkat.com


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