"Wagner's War" CD Review in
Jackal Blaster Webzine
By Jeramy Ponder, Jackal Blaster Webzine
"Wagner's War" CD Review in Jackal Blaster Webzine
The Great Kat
Self proclaimed "goddess and musical genius," the Great Kat's music is a well acheived blend of classical with speedy death metal despite the highly pretentious, egotistical attitude.
Wagner's War - 2002 (TPR Music) 11:05 
Act I: War
1. Wagner's "The Ride of the Valkyries" (from the Opera "Die Walkuere") for Symphony Orchestra, band and opera singers
2. War
3. Terror
Act II: Revenge
4. Punishment
5. Humiliation
Act III: Victory
6. Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody #2" for Symphomy Orchestra and band
7. Sarasate's "Zapateado" for violin, piano, and band
Anyone proclaiming themselves a "musical genius," "God," or the "Beethoven of the 21st Century" shows that that person is either pure camp, has an inflated ego, or is a pure megalomaniac. For the Great Kat, the latter two may be the case,  since she has consistently used those statements to describe herself since the late 1980's.  I, for one, at least believe the woman to be quite unique and original in her approach, and she should be given high credit for remaining true to her beliefs and releasing the music that she wants despite trends or interest.  Unfortunately, she has really never been taken too seriously,  no matter how much musical ability she has. One the one hand, the woman is an excellent musician with a fine ear for composition. On the other hand, her pure cheese and campy image, and her arrogant egoism, seem to always take center stage. I'm not complaining too much since she is attractive in her scantily clad outfits, but most of the time it is seems very silly.  Nevertheless, the fact that she hasn't released a full-length album since her days with Roadracer makes it difficult to judge her objectively. I have been waiting for a full-length since then and still she only releases albums with a few tracks on them.  Regardless of this, Wagner's War  is yet another short album of classical compositions done in the speed metal freak out tradition and style of the Great Kat.  
Wagner's War  is a result of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States. The "war" being the musical war the Great Kat is waging against the terrorists. Here, the Great Kat shows herself in great patriotic flair wearing a thin, scantily clad, camouflage brassier and panties, as well as waving Old Glory around. Yes, this is quite ridiculous but the music should speak entirely for itself. Beginning as atmospheric as Wagner's music goes with "The Ride of the Valkyries," which is quite great, soon the Great Kat explodes into pure speedy death metal gear, as her vocals range from low grunting to high screams. The four-five second horror organ theme at the beginning of "Terror" fits well into the piece. Acts II and III fly by as fast as they come, with Liszt's and Sarasate's covers being my personal favorites, and like all of the Kat's music, is already over before it started.  Her fourth release on her own label TPR, Wagner's War is yet another inclusion that is at the same time, as zany and wacko as it is quite brilliant.  There is no one today like her, nor has there been a female speed metal violin player, and the Kat's ability is quite amazing that is for sure.  For fans, this is yet another outrageous entry in the line of Great Kat releases, but the time is long overdue for a full length. For the next album may I suggest an Impaled Nazarene--Great Kat collaboration for a total bloody orgy and war assault! That would be worth the wait. 


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