It Depends Blog's Review of "Beethoven On Speed" CD
By Andrew Stanfield, It Depends Blog
Beethoven on Speed

Bought an interesting CD over the weekend, Beethoven on Speed by the artist subsequently known as The Great Kat.

I first heard it years and years ago from a guy I worked with in Bossier. I liked classical music and he liked metal and let me hear this mesh of the two. The Great Kat is a Juilliard trained gal who plays guitar at an unbelievably fast pace. In only thirty-five minutes she rips through several classical standards (including Beethoven’s Fifth twice) in addition to some ‘tunes’ of her own.

She is obviously a woman of incredible skill, but I think she would agree that the ability to play music faster doesn’t mean you play it better. I wonder if the mind-blinding speed masks her true talent and ear. My favorite piece on the album (yes, I wrote album like I was stuck in time warp and I don’t care) is ‘Beethoven Mosh,’ which is the Fifth with a grinding, powerful guitar riff that’s slow but insistent and crackling with power. I could listen to that all day every day.

posted by Andrew Stanfield at 7:23 PM
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