"Wagner's War" CD Review in Headbangerz Ballz

By Vampiro, Headbangerz Ballz
The Great Kat..."Wagner's War"
Ok this is my first review for our website, usually Alley will do them except on special instances like this!
Ok I was searching sites looking for people to interview when I came across The Great Kat's website.At first glance I thought what the hell is this? Metal music fused with Classical music and a total shock image from a female!
After checking the site out I decided the little sound clips had me interested enough that I would ask her for an interview.The next morning I get an email telling me sure and that she was gonna send me a free cd to check out.Hell I thought I would push my luck and ask for an extra copy for the contest, well ask and you shall receive!
Here's a track by track review.
1.The Ride Of The Valkyries..Ok this is one of my favorite classical songs, yes I do listen to some classical! I do enjoy this song ,but it's one of my least favorites on the album.The lack of Kat shredding through this one is the only weakness to this song.Don't get me wrong it's good, just not as good as some others on the cd.
2.War..Ok going from track one to track two is night and day.This song picks the pace up quite alot and you finally hear Kat's voice.It's quick and deadly, reminding me of old Slayer in terms of speed(IE..Angel Of Death).You really get a sense of how fast she actually plays guitar on this song, her speed will simply amaze you!
3.Terror..This is my favorite track on the cd.Cyberspeed at it's best.The song is haunting in a way, her screams actually sound pain filled.
4.Punishment..Another speed demon song.Kat flies through this song with ease and with greatness.The vocals may turn some people away from this, I don't mind them.This cd is more of a Thrash and Death metal album combined.If you don't like either you most likely won't like the singing.
5.Humiliation..Another song that just burns,I actually enjoy the voice on this song alot.It fits perfectly with the music.The song is only one minute and seven seconds long tho.
6.Hungarian Rhapsody #2..I really don't know how she plays this fast.She will be the first to tell you that she's the fastest guitarist in the world, well after hearing this instrumental I can't help but say she may be right.She  burns the guitar up on this one!
7.Zapateado..A quick song, but mid tempo compared to the rest of the cd.I love the music arrangement to this song.A fitting way to end the cd.
The cd is 11 minutes and 8 seconds in total and costs $7.Considering all things I would this cd a rating of 8.5 out of 10.If you are looking for something different or just amazing guitar playing you should pick this up.People who like melodic singers may need to stay clear of this one!


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