"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Hammerhead Zine
By Matt D'Agostino, Hammerhead Zine
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Hammerhead Zine
She is back! The Great Kat has a DVD offering he for all of her rabid fans. I for one have been a fan since the first record and want to hear another full record soon! As for now Kat goes back to her last EP and puts the songs to video. Just remember that a huge budget wasn’t thrown around but they made due with effects and the short. It all starts very American on “Zapateado” and KAT in her all American Skimpies. Does that mouth ever close I wonder? Still it is showing the ultimate in Violin and guitar shred. Just God! “Torture Chamber” is one I have on video and it is still a pretty wicked video. The black and white actually enhances this one. Like Bondage? Then you’ll like this pain fest. “Castration” is just pure evil, disturbing and is one sick as hell video. “Live In Chicago” is more of a solo bit from her live show. The concept is to bow to THE GREAT KAT because she is the one and only goddess of the faster shred in the land. The juliard grad has stood the test of time and now this video should satisfy her slap happy fans and maybe some soft porn ones also. 1997’s “Dominatrix” shows up here and is one of the older of her regular non classical shred songs. “War” brings us back to Kat’s last EP and they supply a good bunch of War footage and carnage here. I still think she can appeal to the death metalers and those that know quality metal. KAT is still a great modern day composer and musician. This DVD is the icing. Now one would hope for a full shredding record. It looks great on DVD.

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