"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Deathtrasher Webzine
By Armando Mutilator, Deaththrasher Webzine
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Deathtrasher Webzine

THE GREAT KAT (USA) “Extreme Guitar Shred” (DVD) – 2005 The Great Kat – All rights reserved.- This extraordinary production only can receive very good commentaries and praises from my part, everyone already know the virtuosity of this infernal damsel, but to see her in action that will destroy in pieces all your being. The presentation is very good, with the quality photos to which the demential KAT get us accustomed, a spectacular photo of her in action, with the logo and the name of the DVD is enough in the cover, logically all this full colored, in the back part there is another enormous photo, which by the way, I have in original and in addition there are three more photos but smaller, we have the text here, everything what includes, info about music, lyrics, distribution and in addition the websites. The serigraphy of the DVD is incredible, very well done; the photo of the back part also comes out here, but small and with different text. When you just insert the DVD, comes out a fire burst running from a side to other, soon to finish all burning in flames, with four KAT photos that move around the menu, which shows to the following options to us, Shred Videos, Shred Bonus Features and Shred Online. Entering to Shred Videos, as soon as you press the option everything burns even more and all the screen already is with an eternal fire, an image of enormous Kat to the center and six videos to choose, three to each side, which are showing images in small, you have the option to choose each one individually or to see all fluently with Play All Shred Videos. The first video is "Zapateado", here Kat demonstrates a skill which I do not have words to describe, as much with the violin as the guitar at a speed that escape to the coarse (sic) human knowledge, all this is developed in a full scene of American North flags in a demonstration of hyper patriotism, Kat sent photos to us with the DEATHTHRASHER, you can find the photos that she sent in the Legends section, I comment this because it’s in the same stage that she took the photos holding the DEATHTHRASHER where the video of "Zapateado" is developed, here in this video the others integrates of the band are vaguely showed, while KAT with a horrifying speed and a technical assassin pesters us with her genius, in all the surroundings there are flames flags of the USA and there are messages coming out idolizing the Uncle Sam, promoting the United States like the Earth of the freedom and the home of the brave ones, etc, etc... Well in front of all this the video begins with an image of the Uncle Sam and concludes with the Statue of the Freedom and the suggestive message... Let Freedom Ring. All this is only the beginning, soon we have the videos of "Torture Chamber", where Kat appears executing to some buffoons, flagellating them, torturing them, using tools of absolute torture, strangling, big chains, kicks, blows, spikes, whips, fire, machetes, howls, enormous scissors and an unquestionable mastery are those that give life to this video clip, soon comes "Castration", filth, brutality, Kat kissing to a human skull, bleeds everywhere and the castration of an idiot, who is thrown while the chords of Kat sound to rage, "Live In Chicago", tremendous video at guitars and violins point, full of whips, tremendous live video that you cannot lose, the slaves of Kat and many Headbangers leave surrendering in front of her, praising on their knees literally, while she demonstrates her perfection playing the guitar at her backs, much blood, fire and mosh, then comes "Dominatrix", chains, crosses, big whips, skulls, candles, wristbands, blood, jackal riffs, plus the howls and Kat solos, this is a brutal devastation from the start to the end and to finish the saga of these videos we have "War", North American flag flaming to begin and immediately the phrase The Great Kat declares War!!! ... camouflaged uniforms, bullets, weapons, twin towers in between, spikes, helmets, death, desolation, explosions, holocaust, skillful speed and the vocals of Kat more beast than ever, make this theme one of the most important hits in all her career, the videoclip finishes with victorious Kat, USA flag in hand, her soldiers escorting her and the famous phrase of General Douglas Mac Arthur Duty Honor Country, sincerely each video is more sick and beast than the previous. Later we have the option of Shred Bonus Features where we can enter the options of Hot Shred Bits, Shred Faqs and Shred Credits. In order to begin in Hot Shred Bits there are fed up interactive photos of Kat and they are passing one after another one, everything with movement, very interesting, with background music, finishes with the phrase Resurrecting Classical and Metal... in Shred Faqs something similar but already with information, harangues and other typical things of Kat, in Shred Credits appear directions, telephones, and mails, websites, etc... in Shred Online also appear websites with the background of the hit "War", you already know that must buy this DVD no matter what, that is unnecessary to say it, I logically hope that you have this original edition gem the sooner and that you enjoy the insanity of this Goddess and great virtuoso, who every day does not stop to surprise us with her class and sickness!!!!!


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