"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Bushmado Webzine
By DJ Bushmado, Bushmado Webzine
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Review in Bushmado Webzine
Extreme Guitar Shred, the new dvd from the metal goddess The Great Kat is sure to impress. With extreme metal guitar soloing, as well as classical music. Shred guitars, shred violin, and demonic vocals. This dvd is killer from start to finish. Even the dvd menu rules. With 6 shred videos that are cool to watch over and over.
First up is, "Zapateado" which you'll see some shred violin as well as shred guitar. This is more of a patriotic video with USA flags and such. Followed by the video "Torture Chamber" which starts off with a welcome then a demonic scream from The Great KAT. This video is more like it. I dig this. After that is "Castration" this is crazy! All about castration by The Great Kat in this video concept. Some of it's a little censored. Next is an intense live in Chicago video that's great. Especially in the "bow" part. I really hope to see The Great Kat live sometime. Dominatrix video follows, and again this is also cool. Assume The Position!! Last but not least is the video for "WAR" . This video like the rest, rules also. THE GREAT KAT DECLARES WAR scrolls on the news tv like ticker on the screen. 9/11 and more in this video for "WAR" which is one of my favorites on this dvd.
Now to the Bonus Features. First is Hot shred Bits, which includes all kinds of
hot Great Kat photos and promo shots, plus some bloody ones towards the end. It starts off with the quote "Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time" by Guitar One
Magazine. And Ends with "Resurrecting Classical and Metal!!!" Next up in the Bonus Features section is "Shred Facts" where it displays facts on the video themes, definitions for terms such as "shred"and "virtuoso" as well as classical facts and influences. The last thing in the Bonus Features is the Credits. Last section is the Shred Online section which has web addresses and the Shred Hotline.
This dvd is great for anyone who wants an awesome introduction of The Great Kat, and A must for extreme guitar shredding fans. The Great Kat looks and sounds
better than ever in Digital Video and Sound on this dvd. I highly recommend it.

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