The Great Kat in "Blank Crisis" Blog
MP3 Clip of The Great Kat's "BLOOD" From "BLOODY VIVALDI" CD!
The Great Kat in "Blank Crisis" Blog
THE GREAT KAT "Blood" mp3. A 39-second blast of pain-- the Juilliard grad Kat (real name: Katherine Thomas) lets us know how much she hearts the feel, taste, smell, and everything else there is to like about the thick red stuff. Total time on this EP from '98 is a whopping 6 minutes. She uses third-person in interviews, and claims to be (among other things) God, and the reincarnation of Beethoven. So Beethoven was God. And just in case you're wondering (not really): she's a patriot, too (YouTube)! Does she scare me? Yeah.

I don't think you quite understand-- she really wants to drink our blood!

So who will come and save us?!!

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