The Great Kat Radio ID & "Terror" on Black Metal Radio-Episode 103 - Tracks 23 & 24
NEW! LISTEN TO "MAC EDITION RADIO" SHREDDING INTERVIEW with THE GREAT KAT by HARRIS FOGEL: "The Great Kat on Speed Guitar, Classical Music, & the Moron Masses" "Take one part Juilliard graduate, one part metal-head, one part classical music virtuoso, and one part pure all consuming politically incorrect passion, mix vigorously, and you might have a portion of The Great Kat.  Instead of a triple espresso, just listen to this interview!" -Harris Fogel, Mac Edition Radio Hear Edited MP3 Clip! Go to Black Metal Radio for Entire Radio ID & "Terror"!
NEW!! "BLACK METAL RADIO" Featuring THE GREAT KAT's RADIO ID & "TERROR"-EPISODE 103, Tracks 23 & 24!! (Click here, then click on BMR Logo. Click "Listen" and go to Tracks 23 & 24)


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