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By Michael Melchor, 411mania.com

The Great Kat - Extreme Guitar Shred DVD Review
Posted By Michael Melchor on 03.08.05
And trust me, she means EXTREME...
The Great Kat, for those of you that may not know, is a classically-trained violin virtuoso who graduated from Julliard with honors. Right after her graduation, she decided to take up the guitar - and it's about then when all hell broke loose.
Combining her Classical chops with her guitar proficiency, Kat has made several albums that reworks many Classical pieces by incorporating her guitar prowess. As a result, Kat has made Guitar One's list of Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time.
Her musical skill combined with a stage show to rival that of the Genitorturers, The Great Kat has now issued her very own DVD. Extreme Guitar Shred reads like an introduction to her personality and talent and is a great place to start exploring her career.
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Extreme Guitar Shred isn't a very long DVD at all. Overall, 6 videos comprise the piece, plus some special feature clips and credits. Not a lot of time is needed to be introduced to the world of The Great Kat, but it's still enough to leave you a bit shell-shocked.
Two of the videos, "Zapateado" and "War", deal with the latter as far as subject goes. Patriotic imagery is seen as Kat rips through Classical rearrangements to urge viewers on to battle. The video and editing comes fast and furious - somewhat like her playing.
It is here that the DVD earns its "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content" label on the outside of the box. "Torture Chamber" and "Dominatrix" play just like their namesake without being too graphic about it. Nonetheless, the idea is there as is the fast and furious music to match. Kat gives a rare vocal performance here as well, but if you're hoping for vocal melody, you're in the wrong house. However, Kat's screams do both the atmosphere and the music justice.
The video for "Castration" describes exactly what the title would suggest. No need for elaboration here, except to point out that the member is indeed censored. Still and all, it's probably enough to make most men cringe.Finally, "Live In Chicago" gives the viewer a taste of her live shows and proves that no overdubbing is necessary when it comes to Kat's playing. Most women in music probably wish they had the capability that Kat does with a stringed instrument, and it is here that she shows why.
The 411Extreme Guitar Shred is a good place to get to know The Great Kat, even if you're a bit squeamish or have a low tolerance for what "Extreme" actually means. Looking past the shock, Kat puts on a fine performance display on all fronts.


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