"Kat may be one of the fastest guitarists of all time.” - Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE NAMES THE GREAT KAT “50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS”! “The Great Kat. This Juilliard-trained violinist’s turbocharged, speed-metal readings of classical pieces were pretty astounding when she first appeared…They’re still impressive, in fact, and Kat (born Katherine Thomas) may be one of the fastest guitarists of all time.” – Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine READ at http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/50-sensational-female-guitarists/62327
"We can add the Great Kat to the list of Swindon icons." - Richard Wintle, Calyx Picture AgencyCalyx Picture Agency, Swindon England Features Katherine Thomas Violin Virtuoso (The Great Kat)! "The Great Kat is from Swindon. Calyx News, Swindon Archive, Swindon News | April 19, 2017 by Richard Wintle" "I was hunting down some negatives for the next feature in the Swindon Heritage Magazine when I came across a sheet marked Katherine Thomas on DMJ. and scribbled was the add 'American music star returns home'. Yes indeed we can add the Katherine Thomas aka Great Kat to the list of Swindon icons. Kat, please come back." - Richard Wintle, Calyx Picture Agency http://calyxpix.com/2017/04/19/great-kat-swindon/
-"50 FASTEST GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME" - Guitar World Magazine
-"THE 100 WILDEST GUITAR HEROES" - Classic Rock Magazine
-WINNER of "WHO PLAYS THE FASTEST" - Guitar Player Magazine's Reader Poll
-“50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS” - Guitar Player Magazine
-"8 ICONIC WOMEN IN METAL" - Stack Magazine
- #1 In "THE 12 BEST GUITARISTS OF THE WORLD"- Guitarra Atalho
-"ROCKERAS MAS BELLAS" - 20minutos
-"TOP 10 SHRED GUITAR HEROES" - Bopian.com (China)
-"10 HOTTEST SUPER BOWL PHOTOSHOOTS" - In My Group Celebrity Site
-"TOP-10 FASTEST GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME" - Guitar World Magazine's Readers' Poll
Elle Magazine
-"20 EXTRAORDINARY FEMALE GUITARISTS" - Guitar Player Magazine's "Guts & Glitter"
-"TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS WOMEN ROCKERS" - Its Entertainment
 -"TEN WOMEN COMPOSERS AND GUITARISTS IN THE LAST 20 YEARS" - Agencia N22 Informacion Cultural (Mexico)
“The wave of the future might well be heavy-metal Beethoven by way of Juilliard. Ms. Kat's ‘Beethoven on Speed’ album elevates furiousness to a would-be world view. It is built on speed-rock electric guitar solos (fast, virtuosic, nearly everything articulated with frenzied right-hand strumming and manic left-hand skittering up and down the fret board, the general esthetic being more-notes-per-second equals better). To which she adds hoarse imprecations for her ‘slaves’ to grovel before her and her overpowering genius.”
John Rockwell
"Move over, Jamie Foxx. The Soloist's insanely genius Juilliard apprentice is up against some formidable competition, and she's female. The Great Kat is basically showing the male competition how it's done, better and faster.  Her raging, fast forward in real time Beethoven's Guitar Shred is like nothing that has come before. A mix 'n match medley of Beethoven, Bach, Abu Ghraib and Islamic insurgency.  A classical/metal lovers everywhere wakeup call, these mini-musicals for guitar, violin and machete could very well blow your mind."
Prairie Miller
GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE NAMES THE GREAT KAT “50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS”! “The Great Kat. This Juilliard-trained violinist’s turbocharged, speed-metal readings of classical pieces were pretty astounding when she first appeared…They’re still impressive, in fact, and Kat (born Katherine Thomas) may be one of the fastest guitarists of all time.”
Michael Molenda
-"The Great Kat is from Swindon. I was hunting down some negatives for the next feature in the Swindon Heritage Magazine when I came across a sheet marked Katherine Thomas on DMJ. and scribbled was the add 'American music star returns home'. Yes indeed we can add the Katherine Thomas aka Great Kat to the list of Swindon icons. Kat, please come back."
Richard Wintle

"The Great Kat is she a God or a Goddess? Interview Conducted on February 07, 2018 By Dan Locke. She's a busty blond with a guitar. She doesn't play, but incinerates, classical music. She’s outrageous, dangerous, and ferocious — she’s The Great Kat" - Melanie "Sass" Falina, UnRated Magazine
Dan Locke
"The Great Kat. Beethoven Shreds CD. Regarded as one of the greatest extreme shred albums of all time. The Great Kat is listed as one of the fastest shredders of all time and this is expressed on the 300BPM version of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovs Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Not only is this track stupidly difficult to play on the violin due to its use of chromatic sixteenth notes, to attempt this on guitar, at speed and execute it well, takes incredible talent and fingering precision. Kat does so, and this is probably due to her multi instrument virtuosity and her knowledge of classical music in general. Kats virtuosity knows no bounds and this is in part to her graduating from Juilliard. There are many guitarists and musicians who could learn a lot from this woman and her shredding technique."
 John Deaux
"The Great Kat is a Juilliard graduate who gives mind-blowing twists to classical masterpieces. Must-watch videos: Flight of the Bumblebee, William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5."
Nikhil Sen
"The Great Kat. Katherine Thomas took on the stage name The Great Kat for her music career. She trained classically as a violinist at the Juilliard School before turning to metal guitar, and was voted as one of the fastest guitarists of all time by Guitar World Magazine. She released a DVD called Beethoven’s Guitar Shred which met with rave reviews. Her metal versions of many classical numbers such as The Flight of the Bumblebee, Paganini’s Caprice #24 and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. All this and she is a hot and busty blonde. Full of attitude, her sexiness might scare you."
Victor Shvarts
"Kat (born Katherine Thomas) may be one of the fastest guitarists of all time.”
Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine
-Nat Kaos
Dangerous Women in Metal edition
CJSW Radio

"The Great Kat. All of us here know that we will stick to this magnificent guitarist, that is, we will be listening (and seeing) classical compositions by the renowned artist played at supersonic speeds, both on guitar and violin. Kat is a virtuoso by nature, and applies it to her particular form of speed-metal, with continuous references to sado, a scary image and a dominance of the stage that would scare off several black metal bands."
Javier Salaverry,
Rocka Rolla Web Zine
REGENCIPEDIA NAMES THE GREAT KAT "WORLD'S FASTEST GUITARISTS THROUGHOUT HISTORY. The Great Kat is a classically trained violinist who graduated from the Juilliard School. Kat is listed as one of the 'Top Shredders of All Time' by Guitar One Magazine and many media who have known her performances have praised the speed and clarity of her playing."

"The Great Kat. If you like Heavy sounds, coupled with a speed that is unparalleled, then The Great Kat is for you. If you have not dared to play classical music before, you have the chance now. But watch out, the speed is hellish!"
Thrasher Joe
The Thrasher Blog

"THE GREAT KAT NAMED "TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS WOMEN ROCKERS" "The Great Kat. Her shred metal translations of Classical music presented her in the list of "Top 10 Fastest Shredders"!
XWTOUTIAO (China) NAMES THE GREAT KAT "THE HISTORY OF TEN SPEED HEROES"! "The Great Kat. The sexy cat in the crash. Her works exaggerated, God gave her the strength. God, the devil was born."
"The Great Kat. Worship Me Or Die! England born Katherine Thomas went down in history as The Great Kat. Classical music trained violinist changed to sophisticated shred expression on electric guitar, leather, spikes and metal obscenity. Gigs with buckets of blood on her head, The Great Kat is a quagmire of her time with great guitar heroes and said she was Beethoven reincarnated . Clear shock rock - material!"
Markus Makkonen
"The Great Kat unleashes her version of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Just when you thought she couldn't go any faster, she goes faster still. Just when you thought she couldn't get more bombastic, she proves you wrong and dazzles you in a hurricane swirl of notes and chops that are mind boggling. She is The Great Kat, and she's at it again, this time with a 'male hunk band' and the genius of Liszt at the ready. A classically trained violinist and Juilliard School graduate, The Great Kat brought her classical training to heavy metal, and has since delighted music and guitar lovers alike with her sizzling and blazingly nimble renditions of many of the great and well-loved pieces of classical music history. And her newest endeavor is Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2 and even lovers of this traditional song will never hear it the same way again. The mesmerizing new video features the rapid speed action that The Great Kat is legendary for - you have to see it - and hear it - to believe it."
Melanie Falina
"Longtime shredder (on both violin and guitar) the Great Kat has released a brief preview of her upcoming shred/classical DVD. The DVD is expected to be released in 2016. The DVD will feature the Great Kat's shred take on Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” and more. In the preview clip below, Kat plays Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons." We've also thrown in a bit of Paganini's Caprice #24. Enjoy!"
Damian Fanelli

"One true originator of the Metal-Classical interbreeding...THE GREAT KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rossini's Rape. Musically, she shreds, she kills, she blazes, un-remorseful, unrepentant and unashamed. Uber-fast, crushing and deadly, THE GREAT KAT leaves no survivors. BLOODY VIVALDI is quintessential hyper-speed, hyper shred by the great one herself. Ultra-technical virtuosity combined with inhuman shrieks these classical interpretations will cave in your skull. The orchestral and violence mixes with flair."
"Adulation of The Great Kat. Fastest female guitarist ever - a true shred merchant. Impulsive and compulsive, fastidious, perfidious, perfectionist of immoral rectitude."
Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco
"FIFTEEN SONGS FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. The Great Kat - Flight Of The Bumblebee. Mad as a whistle to some, a shredding mastermind to others, The Great Kat is a guitar and violin virtuoso gone wild. During her career she mostly turned classical pieces into speed metal tunes. Why? Well, I guess she just was the first person on earth who discovered that headbanging on Beethoven is perfectly possible."
Serge Timmers
"When people hear The Great Kat, they come into a state of musical ecstasy. During her concerts, she is known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music."
"The Great Kat, a Juilliard-trained virtuoso on guitar and violin, would like it to be known that no snowstorm currently crippling the Northeast is going to stop her from shredding as a woman of such talents could and—at least in certain instances—should. Galleries and museums might be closed, but the Great Kat has sounds on offer on her website, sure to warm up any snow day.Consider them in advance of what the news release promises is a “NEW GREAT KAT SHREDCLASSICAL DVD COMING in 2017,” with takes on Vivaldi, Liszt, Sarasate, Bazzini, and more. Other points of distinction include the honor of being named one of the “TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” by Guitar One magazine and a song, “Right Brain Lover,” purportedly created in collaboration with Timothy Leary. (The existence of the song has an air of mystery about it, but there is record of it in Leary’s papers in the New York Public Library.)"
Andy Battaglia
"The Great Kat. A beautiful and hot chick who defies speed and technique with a guitar in a universe dominated by men. One of the fastest guitar players on the planet at Shred, Thrash and Speed Metal"
Conexion Rock Radio
"If you are a guitar aficionado, you can definitely handle some finger-melting guitar shredding, but can you handle the fastest, meanest and most provocative guitarist in the entire Metal scene? Hell yeah, The Great Kat has been exactly that, and has tormenting guitars and violins which can hardly keep up with her face-melting shreds."
Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
"The Great Kat. Rossini William Tell Overture, aggressiveness with combination of the ultra-fast pace as well as with the maniacal madness. Bazzini “The Round of the Goblins” song, of course, is very fast, faster than the original."
Metal Centre

"WOMEN ROCK - # 36 - The Great Kat. Her transcriptions of the great composers of the past sonatas for violin on the six strings are furious. Satan Says reminds you a musician able to "shred" very high speed, combining technical and physicality. Worship Me or Die! technique, combined with an image deeply sexy and aggressive. Beethoven on Speed blend of the classic and speed-thrash. Many, many notes to stun the listener. Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed; Guitar Goddess; Bloody Vivaldi, Rossini's Rape; Wagner's War; Beethoven Shreds, Extreme Guitar Shred and Beethoven's Guitar Shred. All this, always full use of classical scores. The image is Dominatrix sexual-satanic."
Francesco Gallina "Raven"
"Fastest Guitarists. The Great Kat. Ranks among the fastest shredders of all time. She studied classical music and does not play typical thrash metal on the guitar. Instead, she transforms familiar songs from classical music and creates original tunes. The Great Kat considers herself the reincarnation of Beethoven. Once she even declared herself God. She also claims to be the only guitar-violin virtuoso since Paganini. The Great Kat uses the Paganini technique that consists of Kat playing with fingers like claws. It is always the dominant driver for classical shredding on guitar with classical technique from the fiddle."
Jane Blake
"The Great Kat. Wagner's War. Everything rips by at a blistering pace with her majesty displaying why she was recently voted one of the top 10 shredders of all time. She’s hot, she shreds and she WILL kick your ass. Not many metal fans are man enough to even comprehend what she is trying to do. Shredder paradise."
"The Great Kat is perhaps the most ostentatious virtuoso in recent music history—and yes, that's saying a lot. The self-proclaimed reincarnation of Beethoven, she's fleet-fingered on both violin and guitar, and sports a glam-rock look."
Jay Gabler
"After graduating from the renowned Julliard School of Music as a scholarship student violinist, The Great Kat would establish herself as one of the fastest guitarists in metal. With "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" you get speed metal insanity. "The Flight Of The Bumblebee" is played with finger-blistering, blazing speed and intensity. Beethoven's famed "5th Symphony" is all out shred dominance from The Great Kat. Paganini's "Caprice #24" a barn storming rendition of the 19th century violinist's composition."
Robert Williams
"The Great Kat. 'Wagner's War'. Terrifying screams of Katherine and killing guitar’s riffs that pass to speed-thrash-metal gunfire full of virtuosic solos (in neoclassical style) and the aggressive shouts of “Kill !, Kill !, Kill!”. A sharp and ultra-fast playing of the guitars. Artillery of the guitar riffs and ultra-fast guitar-violin solos like from a Classical Music in the style of Paganini and Vivaldi. Franz Liszt “Hungarian Rhapsody no 2”, of course in a faster and more aggressive pace. It is dominated by the symphonic orchestrations with the ultra-fast guitar-violin solos. “Zapateado” belonged to the Spanish violinist Pablo Sarasate, but as usual the version of THE GREAT KAT in metal and symphonic version – accelerated with very huge dose of insane and fury as well as with murderous sounds."
"Great Kat wills Beethoven's music into blazing fast heavy metal. Guitar One voted Kat as one of "fastest guitarists in history"
Ctoutiao (China)
"The Great Kat an explosion of attitude, theatrics, dominatrix gear and mind-boggling guitar licks. Kat took classical pieces and turned them into dirty, metal instrumental anthems, playing them at a breakneck speed. The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee’ is a flurry of notes that is positively dizzying. 'Beethoven Shreds' aesthetic of speed, speed, and more speed."
Eamon O'Neill,

"THE GREAT KAT ranks among the fastest shredders of all time. She studied classical music. The Great Kat considers herself the reincarnation of Beethoven. Once she even declared herself God. She also claims to be the only guitar-violin virtuoso since Paganini."
"A TRUE feminist icon Guitar Goddess, egomaniac and self professed Reincarnation of Beethoven herself, THE GREAT KAT had a rebuttal of her own for the stuffed shirt syndicate."
(Cut to The Great Kat's outrageous dominating on the famous Metal Episode of The Morton Downey Jr. Show)
"the Great Kat, the only woman named in Guitar One magazine's list of the 'top ten fastest shredders of all time.'"
David Segal
"The Great Kat. 'Bloody Vivaldi'. As the music Antonio Vivaldi often caressed my ears, so the more I was curious what the bloodthirsty Katherine Thomas made this time. Surely many Metal fans reach for the original versions of the songs (even out of curiosity) thanks to the achievements of THE GREAT KAT. Metal-orchestral variation of “The Four Seasons”. When THE GREAT KAT added the guitars riffs as well as the guitar-violin solos in its arrangements then the each of the emotions shown in the original masterpiece was enhanced. Proof of virtuosity of Katherine Thomas. 'Torture Chamber' ultra-fast guitar riffs, razor-sharp licks and the masterly parties (with neoclassical breath) form totally crazy and possessed the wall of sound. “Carmen Fantasy” full of guitar riffs and masterly guitar-violin solos."
1. Shredding isn't just showing off. In Fast and Furioso, conductor Rainer Hersch meets virtuoso musicians from all walks of musical life to ask whether there's a corollary between the ability to play extremely complicated pieces at high speed - anything from Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee to a speed metal version of Beethoven's 5th by The Great Kat condensed into 74 seconds."
"8 ICONIC WOMEN IN METAL. The Great Kat remains one of the most interesting women in heavy metal. Born Katherine Thomas, The Great Kat worked to be the fastest neo classical guitarist on the planet. Kat is a classically trained violinist, graduating from the Juilliard School and achieved headlines when she said that she was the reincarnation of Beethoven."
Simon Lukic
"TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS WOMEN ROCKERS. Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat). When people hear The Great Kat, they come into a state of musical ecstasy. And due to the fact that, during her concerts, she is known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music. And these thrash metal interpretations introduced added her name in the list of 'Top 10 Fastest Shredders of all Time'."
"Behold! The great Kat has released photo stills from her upcoming "Terror" Video. All will kneel and worship at the feet of the goddess of shred. The Empress of speed metal. The queen of all guitars!" -
Bryan Martin
"The Great Kat, the shredder who made her name with virtuoso speed-metal renditions of classical compositions."
The Great Kat Named "Famous People From Swindon"
The Great Kat rock band dressed up in as Quarterback Shredder, Cheerleader Goddess, Hot Shred Running Back and Fantasy Football Shred Goddess. Their special edition calendar is for sale." - In My Group Celebrity Site
In My Group Celebrity Site
"Artist Spotlight - The Great Kat. One of the world's greatest and fastest, if not THE greatest and fastest guitar shredders is The Great Kat. She is a Julliard graduate Violin Virtuoso and multi-talented Goddess who has won numerous awards and performed all over the world. She has become the revolutionary metal guitarist/violinist and 1 of the world's fastest guitar shredders. One example would be her playing Flight of the Bumblebee http://localmusicplay.com/main/64/"
Beth Bruce


"The Great Kat. Beethoven Shreds. From the beginning of the Great Kat’s latest guitar drenched release, it is clear who defines the classical speed metal genre. Her shredding is exceptional. Her tone is unmatched. Her speed and clarity of notes is impeccable. Her album, BEETHOVEN SHREDS is an ear orgasm. Beethoven himself would be proud of her accomplishments in sound and fury. Her playing outshines and outlasts anything her peers can do. She is at the top, and all the rest will kneel. Classical speed ecstasy."
Bryan Martin
"Boy, what a treat we have for you today!!! We are proud to present: The ultimate Shred Goddess, The Great Kat and her Songs With Stories, all in Great Kat style. So prepare my friends, it's going to get loud in here!!!"
"In honor of the great Paganini anniversary, we offer the British-American violin and guitar virtuoso Katherine Thomas, better known as The Great Kat, a show out of the ordinary. If anyone wants to know more about The Great Kat, her "shred / classical music" and highly personal interpretations of, among others Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Liszt, recommended the following website: http://www.greatkat.com And right there: Happy 233rd anniversary, Niccolò!"
Johan Arenbo
"One of my favorites is the high-octane guitar shredder, The Great Kat. She reckons she's saving Classical music for the YouTube generation, who want their music fast and furious. She plays Beethoven's '5th Symphony' in 1 minute, 14 seconds! WHAT?? Yep! We live in an age of speed. Fast and furioso for sure!"
Nikki Bedi
"Speed demon guitar icon, a Heavy Metal character playing at the speed of light and shredding pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini and Bach. The Great Kat is a band like few that deserved a place in the wide world scene. One of the most extreme records that you might hear is 'Worship Me Or Die', which contains one of the most resounding successes of thrash underground of the time. "Metal Messiah" a true metal anthem played at breakneck speed. THE GREAT KAT is a band that deserves to be remembered by metalheads in the world. THE GREAT KAT is highly recommended."
Glitzyworld Features The Great Kat in "Top 10 Most Famous Women Rockers"!
YouTube Video at https://youtu.be/l9suIaWuk8o
"Top Female Guitarists with Amazing Guitar Playing Skills.
Watch: The Great Kat: Juilliard-trained violinist, she is amazingly fast shredder" ["Beethoven Mosh" Music Video]
"Feel like shredding the year away? Tired of the same old versions of classical music around the Christmas tree? Well then, you should check out the upcoming album by everybody's favorite shred-queen The Great Kat. On the DVD she plays her own, distinct version of works by Rossini, Liszt, Vivaldi, Bazzini and Beethoven."
"The Great Kat. Beastly in the best sense, ferocious violin virtuoso and lightning-clawed guitar shredder. Displays of seemingly impossible technical wizardry and a steady succession of releases that combine her classical music roots with her volcanic lust for metal at its fastest, hardest, and most complex."
Mike McPadden
“The Great Kat - "Flight of the Bumblebee". Brilliant and amazing. She is the fastest female guitar player in the world and has revolutionized the guitar industry by playing classical greats to heavy, thrashing guitar riffs.”
Beth Bruce
Local Music Play
"The Great Kat's version of Rossini's "William Tell Overture" so exceptional and so, so fast, any Metronome Makers need to invent a Speed Metal Metronome and call it Speed Vixen Kat. No other person can drench music over me and it leaves me profoundly changed like The Great Kat. She personifies a Scandinavian Goddess, Her Crossbow - Her Guitar, Her dominatrix outfit and Ambient Person incandescent, like a Sky Goddess having Blokes eating out of Her Hands. Our Hero the brilliant Great Kat, the world's fastest female guitarist, the Female Genius of our modern Era. Kat you certainly inspire my love of music and history. Rock on Coaxing Siren."
Naja Kemp
Peter Kemp's Theatre
"Little time for Beethoven? Juilliard-trained speed-metal guitarist @greatkatguitar can help"
"Famous Classical Songs You Recognize"
"Flight of the Bumblebee. This piece of classical music has been featured in pop culture over the years, everywhere from version played on The Muppet Show to a thrash metal version created by the Great Kat."
"Born in England, raised in New York, Juilliard graduate the Great Kat is a guitarist on a mission – to play pieces of classical music fast. Very fast. The high-octane guitar shredder is known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known classical compositions; she can play the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in one minute and 14 seconds."
Rainer Hersch
The Great Kat "Is This Kat Krazy Like A Fox. The wave of the future might well be heavy-metal Beethoven by way of Juilliard.”
John Rockwell
The New York Times
"The Great Kat – the fastest heavy metal guitar virtuoso in the world – is bringing her unique personality, wit and humor to Rock Confidential! Her new advice column, The Great Kat Screams!, is finally here! Fans sent in questions from all over the world to The Great Kat, exclusively through Rock Confidential. Scroll through the questions and step into the wild world of The Great Kat!"
Jesse Capps
"She is A sonic, sorceress of the shred guitar. A universally acclaimed leader in over the top superior guitar genius. She is loud, she is proud, she is ...THE GREAT KAT!!!!! Hail to the Great Kat."
Bryan Martin
"The Great Kat, violin-guitar virtuoso and self-styled Beethoven reincarnate. Is this Juilliard-trained, hard-rocking musician really the reincarnation of Beethoven?"
"The Great Kat - Beethoven Shreds. THE GREAT KAT is an absolute institution, when it comes to fast stringed instruments. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The third Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach. Sounds crazy? It is! She is and remains simply unique! I for one am and remain a KAT-slave."
Sascha S

"The Great Kat/Rossini's 'William Tell Overture' Music Video will be featured on the upcoming new virtuoso Great Kat DVD arriving later in 2016. Get more info on
the world's greatest guitar shredder at: http://www.greatkat.com "
"Katherine Thomas, aka lunatic shred-guitarist The Great Kat, was born in Swindon and claimed to be the reincarnation of Beethoven. Put that in your comedic-value pipe and smoke it!"
Geoff Barton
Classic Rock Magazine

"BEST AMERICAN FEMALE GUITARISTS – SHREDDING SIRENS". "Thrash metal queen The Great Kat. The Great Kat. Song recommendation – ‘Beethoven Mosh 5th Symphony in C Minor’. Classically trained Kat is most famous for her high speed interpretations of pieces of classical music. Named one of the fastest shredders of all time. Kat’s persona is tongue-in-cheek and played for fun, but her talent is for real. Classical music. Speed metal style."
"The Great Kat. You can play SO FAST! WOW! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!"
Jay Thomas
"The Great Kat. Overwhelming musical talent. Appearing on stage in outrageous outfits and dominatrix gear. Performing and recording wickedly fast covers of classics."
Addison Herron-Wheeler
"Wicked Woman" Book.

"MERMAID VIOLIN GODDESS THE GREAT KAT SHREDS UNDERWATER"! "Just when you think you’ve seen everything from wild shredder The Great Kat, check out these unbelievable photos of the speed vixen performing underwater!"
Jesse Capps
-"The Great Kat. TOP 10 SHRED GUITAR HEROES. The Great Kat -- sexy wildcat shredder. The spitting image of a violent nymphomaniac. God actually has given her speed playing strength. God, the Devil was born."
"Classical! That's right! By The Great Kat! She's obviously THE fastest Guitar player I'VE EVER HEARD. Out of New York City. Best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music. Right now we're going to hear "Beethoven on Speed", "William Tell Overture" and Rossini's "The Barber of Seville" from The Great Kat!"
Fem ROCK Covers Vol I

"Ten Women Composers and Guitarists In The Last 20 Years. The Great Kat is the pseudonym of Katherine Thomas. Speed metal guitarist. She is known for her thrash performances of well-known classical music. In most of them she interprets with the electric guitar, but sometimes uses the violin."
Yessica Mendez
“The Great Kat - is like a force of nature in both her everyday life and in the music world. She tells Matt Chapman how a Judas Priest music video led her to become one of the fastest guitarists alive.”
"Issue 33 of MyM is out now! Featuring crazy guitarist (and the reincarnation of Beethoven!) The Great Kat. We're grilling one of the fastest guitar players alive (page 82)."
Matt Chapman
"A few things to know about the Great Kat: she's declared herself God, as well as the reincarnation of Beethoven. She speaks about herself in the third person. She favors leather, fishnets, and other dominatrix-inspired garb, and her signature talent is the ability to 'shred' the electric guitar. She's a Juilliard-trained violinist, but she's declared classical music 'dead.'"
Sheila Regan
"Is this real? I want it to be real. Great Kat ,Timothy Leary song 'Right Brain Lover'" "So, shred mistress of all life The Great Kat has released cryptic news of a recording she did in 1984 with famed acid guru and psychedelic psychology space warrior Timothy Leary."
Morgan Y. Evans
Bopian.com (China)
"It's the Great Kat and your not worthy of her awesomeness! The Great Kat is just about to SHRED YOUR FACE OFF! Seriously awesome!"
"The Great Kat thrash metal guitarist 'shreds' Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in under two minutes."
Richard Bannerman, Producer
"Longtime shredder (on both violin and guitar) the Great Kat has released a brief preview of her upcoming shred/classical DVD—and you can check it out below. The DVD is expected to be released in 2015. The DVD will feature the Great Kat's shred take on Vivaldi’s 'The Four Seasons', Rossini’s 'William Tell Overture' and more. In the preview clip below, Kat plays Vivaldi’s 'The Four Seasons.' We've also thrown in a bit of Paganini's Caprice #24. Enjoy!"
Damian Fanelli
"Just done a fast and furious interview with the amazing @greatkatguitar for @BBCRadio4. Check her out - now that's passion, Prog out 2015"
"The Great Kat transforms pieces of classical music into outrageous guitar shreds, including Flight of the Bumblebee played at a blistering 300 bpm! Watch one of the world's fastest players shred on both guitars and violins as she brings the metal to these timeless compositions in seven shocking and bloody music videos straight from her torture chamber."
Midnight Pulp
"Posing as a dominatrix as she pours out classical licks in the form of liquid metal riffs, Great Kat is one of the most unique figures in metal. She has the ego of David Lee Roth and the fingers of Steve Vai."

"There is no confusing The Great Kat with anyone else...A fire-storm of blond hair whipping around a guitar that's smoking from ferocious fingers and a whole lot of fury. A graduate of the elite Juilliard School, The Great Kat is best known and loved (and sometimes feared) for her speed metal interpretations of the most famous and well-loved pieces of classical music."
Melanie Falina
"Rhapsody's Shred Radio. The station is centered around the fleet fingers and virtuoso fretwork of wizards like The Great Kat."
Chuck Eddy
""The Great Kat is a double virtuoso for guitar and violin. However, unlike Paganini, she plays with insane speed. 'Goddess Shreds Live in Chicago.' Be prepared to hear audio or see video of her being worshiped by her fans for her music and for her dominatrix persona."
Marjorie LaPrade
"Unlike anything else. The Great Kat guitarist is counted as one of the ten fastest in the world. Mythical instrumental goddess. The music may be said to be as extreme as it gets. Oh, this is fantastic. Why have I not noticed this before?"
"From A to Z with Heide Hammer. G as in GREAT KAT."
Hatpastorns likpredikan
"Yes, your typical Juilliard graduate. Katherine Thomas, of Swindon, England, changes course after playing classical violin to become known as Great Kat, one of the top guitar (and violin) shredders. Her Bloody Vivaldi, a feverish version of The Four Seasons, would certainly liven up a brunch."
"The Great Kat. Guitar World Magazine once named her one of the fastest shredders of all time and her onstage BDSM and shock-rock inspired onstage persona could give Alice Cooper a run for his money. She has established herself as an undisputed guitar virtuoso. Guitar Girl Magazine delves into the story and phenomenon that is 'The Great Kat.'"
"What's new with heavy metal's favorite speed shredding goddess? The Great Kat released a music video for her version of Rossini's 'William Tell Overture.' She plays both the guitar and the violin (usually at 300 BPM), transcribes classical music for a modern twist and dominates her fans. The Great Kat loves to entertain and uses showmanship antics, the likes of which, may be compared to Jimi Hendrix. She licks the guitar and pulls it up over her head and behind her back. If this description intrigues you, you can preview a portion of the music video on iTunes and make your purchase accordingly."
Marjorie LaPrade
"Guitar Girl Magazine interviewed guitar virtuoso/shredder The Great Kat. Named as one of the fastest shredders of all time by Guitar World Magazine, it was a surprise to learn that she spent her childhood dreaming of bringing classical music to the world as a performer and composer."
"The Great Kat. Kat's superpower comes from interpreting pieces by Beethoven and other classical music of the past through the blender of thrash metal and twice as fast, almost like the audio went beyond the speed limit."
Chachi Guitar

"The Great Kat" ("Beethoven Mosh")
Maximum Rock Magazine
"The Great Kat, one of the fastest guitarists (if not the fastest) in the world, with her blistering version of the William Tell Overture. It's well worth the download just to watch her play, her fingers flying across the frets in a blur, every note clear and sharp. Maximum flash and speed. The Great Kat is an artist who continues to impress."
R. Scott Bolton
"Great Kat carries Classical music in her veins and applies them in all artistic aspects. Technical, demonic voices are saturated with the great Classical composers, especially Beethoven, who The Great Kat says she is the musical reincarnation. 'Beethoven Shreds', The Great Kat performs the '5th Symphony' and 'Brandenburg Concerto' at maximum speed on guitar and violin, with crushing technique and power."
Francisco Marin Sanchez
"GW exceeds the legal limit with this roundup of the 50 fastest masters of the fretboard. The Great Kat. SIGNATURE SONG: 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee'. ALBUM: Beethoven on Speed. Juilliard-trained virtuoso. Heavy leather dominatrix persona so over the top."
"The Great Kat. Fastest track: Metal Messiah. The Great Kat deserves credit, not just for her incredible speed, but for sticking to her passion. An uncompromising shred demon hell-bent on bringing classical music crashing into the 20th (and now the 21st) century, preferably at about 500bpm."
Matthew Parker
"3. The Great Kat."
Dorsey Shaw
"THE GREAT KAT attempts to set the world afire with her self-proclaimed genius. Imagine Beethoven and Paganini rendered at hyperspeed with a gnarly sledgehammer fulla heavy metal crunch. Imagine the great classics of the ages brought to our post-modern era of toxic-dumpsites and MTV, thanks in total to the single-minded persistence of one loud, proud and insane female"
Seconds Magazine
"Each year, New York's famed Juilliard School churns out dozens of concert violinists. Some of these hardworking musicians go on to play in orchestras. Others become music teachers. But only one grad has mutated into the Great Kat: a camouflage-bikini-wearing, slave-commanding, blood-spitting dominatrix whom Guitar One magazine has named one of the ten fastest guitar shredders of all time."
Spin Magazine

"The commercial for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' features your music and is a perfect fit."
Melanie Falina
"The Great Kat's 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' DVD features close-ups of her rapid finger work. If you like the musical revolution of metal/classical fusion, you'll love it. 'The Flight of the Bumble-Bee.' This is your chance to see her play both the guitar and the violin with equal skill and speed. 'Paganini's 'Caprice #24.' We see her show her mastery on both guitar and violin.  The speed of the violin and guitar makes me think of Charlie Daniel's Band's 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' and Tenacious D's 'Rock Off.'"
Marjorie LaPrade
"In a textbook display of how advertising is much different in the U.K., Tag Europe and Tesco — the world’s second largest retailer — used the music of The Great Kat in their ad for Call of Duty: Ghosts to add a sense of drama and urgency to the spot. In America, you don’t use the music of classically-trained virtuosos to sell video games, you use Eminem. The 20 second spot scores The Great Kat‘s rendition of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” to its footage of players enjoying the game."
Erik Oster
"The Great Kat. She’s just so awesome. The Great Kat has been called one of the fastest shredders of all time by Guitar One magazine, and watching her play it seems like a fair accolade. What truly makes The Great Kat great is her understanding of music across genres. Morphing of classical music into pretty skin-shearing metal ought to be celebrated hugely. Jacques Loussier’s transitioning of Chopin and Bach to jazz was hugely revered, and The Great Kat, deserves the same treatment."
Hannah Spencer
"Talking with the Great Kat is like trying to communicate with the possessed character in THE EXORCIST. The former Katherine Thomas, a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, has made a name for herself by creating controversy wherever she can, whether it's within the grooves of her album WORSHIP ME OR DIE! or doing phone interviews with unsuspecting journalists from Cleveland. Kat doesn't talk. She screams."
Marc Holan
Cleveland Scene Magazine
"The Great Kat! 'William Tell Overture'. Dude, it's a fun video. Super fast playing, of course, it's The Great Kat. She's got 3 guys behind her playing the guitar, like it's an orchestra. A Lot of fun. Great tune. It's The Great Kat at her best, shredding like a maniac. William Tell Overture on iTunes."
Roch Vaillancourt
"The Great Kat is changing the history of music with the Digital Hyperspeed multimedia techniques she used in her new Digital Beethoven On Speed CD-ROM."
"Beethoven's Guitar Shred from The Great Kat - revolutionary! With an insane speed Katherine Thomas shreds the strings of her electric guitar. From bloodthirsty videos on Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD, rises The Great Kat's glorification of violence to an art form. Wildly revolutionary Classical guitar shreds. Thumbs up!"
Christopher Doemges
"With phenomenal speed, Kat thrashes through classical figures. The Great Kat loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Her version of ‘Flight of the Valkyries' transforms Wotan's corpse collecting maidens into warrior princesses whose arena-rock howls would make Siegfried quiver."
Neva Chonin
San Francisco Chronicle

"The Great Kat. Bloody Vivaldi. Not only is she the most skilled speed guitarist out there, she also plays a mean electric violin and performs wonderful renditions of classical tracks. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Many thought Paganini sold his soul to play so well, I know The Great Kat did."
The Great Kat (Katherine Thomas) Named "The New Woman To Watch" for two consecutive years.
New Woman Magazine
"THE GREAT KAT: BLOODY VIVALDI. (Rating: 5 Chalices of Blood) Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons'! This classic piece receives the Great Kat treatment in a cacophonous fusion of violins, heavy metal guitars and drums. Totally f**king superb! Retaining all of the melodic glory of the original and bringing it up to date with a bang, nay, an explosion of musical dexterity and powerful passion."
"THE 30 MOST VIRTUOSO GUITARISTS IN HISTORY" ("Los 30 Guitarristas Mas Virtuosos de la Historia")
"Better than sex: The Great Kat (a/k/a God) scratches her b**ch. Hyperspeed is the term the Great Kat uses to genre-ize her richly harmonic, finger-blistering electric guitar interpretations of both classical compositions and her original work. The title track of Beethoven On Speed is a reverberating rush through the master's Fifth Symphony."
Greg Baker
THE GREAT KAT: "Famous Juilliard School Alumni"
"'Beethoven Shreds' from The Great Kat. Beethoven's 'Fifth Symphony'. To deconstruct it to solo shredding must have been difficult and she does it beautifully. The songs pack a lot of punch at 300 BPM. The album will have you researching the original works and comparing them to her versions, thus educating the next generation of music connoisseurs."
Marjorie LaPrade
"THE GREAT KAT. Bloody Vivaldi. The Kat opens the disc by ripping through lick after lick in 'The Four Seasons'. The Great Kat separates herself from the others in her field by combining speed metal and classical music, making this weird combination a real winner."
The Inside Connection
"The Great Kat. Her new video for the 'William Tell Overture' is currently burning up iTunes and is something that every metal head and classical music lover needs to see."
Melanie Falina

"Guitarra de A a Z"
"THE GREAT KAT. 'Bloody Vivaldi'. An extraordinary display of musicianship and grade A class. A classical metal masterpiece of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' that feature an actual chamber orchestra and a metal band side by side. A true genius in the 21st century performing both guitar and violin, the Great Kat is owner and operator of some of the fastest hands in the world and perhaps the universe."
"Graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York, Kat is a consummate guitarist, violinist and maestra. Her specialty: turning classical music into metal."
Fernando Souza Filho
Rock Brigade Magazine

"THE GREAT KAT. Bloody Vivaldi. 4 STARS. She plays his 'Four Seasons' at an amazing pace on not only guitar but also violin so precise yet so fast that Itzhak Perlman most likely wouldn't even try to compete against it. Every music aficionado would be completely struck in awe after hearing her."
Gothic Times
"The Great Kat. Rossini's 'William Tell Overture.' I've always referred to this tune as 'the horse race song' but horses would clearly fall to their hooves with chest pain if they attempted racing to this version [the theme song to The Lone Ranger]. The tune combines a live symphony orchestra with MIDI instruments and one heavily amped Kat."
Liz Ciavarella
Metal Maniacs Magazine
"The Great Kat. Beethoven On Speed does to classical music what Jaws did for swimming. Her patented 'hyperspeed' soloing is cleaner and faster than ever."
Jeff Gilbert
Guitar World Magazine
"1st Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat). The Great Kat is best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music."
Leonardo Martins Moraes
"There are many fast guitar players in the world but here is a list of the fastest of them all. The Great Kat is the sixth fastest guitar player in the world and her real name is Katherine Thomas. She plays Guitar and Violin."
"'The Great Kat' strikes a Beethovenian pose. Forget 'Roll Over Beethoven.' the master has been subjected to a version of his Fifth Symphony called Beethoven On Speed, created by one who bills herself as 'The Great Kat.' A Juilliard graduate still based in the Big Apple, 'Kat' has combined classical music with 'music of the 21st century' to come up with a genre she calls 'Hyperspeed.'"
Classical Magazine
"HEAVY METAL: THE MUSIC AND ITS CULTURE" BOOK FEATURES THE GREAT KAT IN "MAKING THE MUSIC: METAL GODS" - CHAPTER 3! "The Great Kat. Trained as a classical violinist at Juilliard, Kat, who played at Carnegie Hall, is a speed-metal guitarist. Her style evokes the image of Paganini as a headbanger. Performing feats of technical virtuosity in her decollete leather and studs outfit."
Deena Weinstein
"Ladies and Gentlemen, meet The Great Kat! Her prowess can be seen and heard on her new 'Extreme Guitar Shred' DVD. The Juilliard school graduate was recently named one of the '10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time' by Guitar One magazine"
John Lorinc
"The Great Kat. This chick is amazing! Classically trained musician, that decided one day she was going to be a guitar shredder. And boy oh boy is she a guitar shredder! She's just so fast, I don't even know how to begin to describe what this woman is capable of. She's so good. ALL HAIL THE GREAT KAT! Definitely recommend you check that stuff out."
"Kat is a Juilliard graduate virtuoso, for Kat, playing shred guitar is easy! She's a fast, exciting genius composer who hyperspeeds circles around all other so-called guitarists!"
Great Kat Contest Winner from Muskegon, MI
"The Great Kat is and has been one of the most innovative and technically sound metal guitarists Ever!!! I have been a fan of her awesomeness and guitar virtuosity since I was a teenager banging my [head] to Metal Messiah on Headbangers Ball!!!"
Great Kat Contest Winner from Fayetteville, TN
"I'm a worthy Kat slave because there is absolutely NOTHING I would not do to push the gospel of this great artist, and as forcefully creative as humanly possible."
Great Kat Contest Winner from Linden, NJ
"Because I was one of the first people to buy The Great Kat 'Beethoven On Speed' cd back in 1990. I preordered it from Peaches Records in Altamonte Springs, FL. And I wore it out! (Do you know how hard it is to wear out a cd??)"
Great Kat Contest Winner from Altamonte Springs, FL
"The Great Kat plays with the virtuosity and fury unknown since the great Beethoven!"
- James
Great Kat Contest Winner from Chesterfield, VA
"I am Kat possessed forever because The Great Kat is a one woman musical army, in a male dominated musical landscape...all that is great about music equals THE GREAT F**KING KAT [deal with it or die]"
Great Kat Contest Winner from Linden, NJ
Great Kat Contest Winner from Detroitm MI
"KAT. Worship Me Or Die! Flight of the Bumblebee guitar runs and arpeggios. Here, the listener will find Kat arguably living up to her claim as 'metal's fastest guitarist,' with what passes as a classically influenced approach."
Alex M. Gomex
"Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed" CD-ROM/CD: "Speed-metal version of Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' that's guaranteed to blow your mind."
Donald Willmott
PC Magazine
Howie Abrams
"The Great Kat. Once a classical violinist, the Juilliard graduate now is the first and foremost practitioner of 'hyper-speed' metal, an unusually complex classical/metal fusion. She also curses like a sailor and vowed to turn all the men present at the fest into her slaves."
"The Great Kat, Juilliard-trained classical musician who rebelled at all that stuffy pretension and is now devoting her life to performing classical masterworks in speed metal style."
Don Willmott
"Only The Great Kat that lightning speed demon would have the guts enough to cover Beethoven on metal guitar. Lo and behold, on Beethoven On Speed, she offers a hyperspeed version of old Ludwig Van's Fifth Symphony. Blazing fast version of 'Flight of the Bumble-Bee'"
EC Rocker
"The Great Kat's Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed. The Kat's personal flavor livens up these dead musicians-making them hundreds of times more accessible to modern audiences. This title is great for any kid with a sense of humor and a yen for music, modern or classical."
Joel Enos
"SPECTACULAR blended Cd. What is Beethoven Shreds? Its the mix of your favorite musicians classical music blended with metal. If you know Beethoven then you know how great this composer was. Now lets take that great musician's songs and change up the instruments and add in some higher tones, and an increase in speed you then result to a rocking great classic. First you get the fun songs you remember from Beethoven, and then you get the more rocking and want to dance too music by The Great Kat, world's fastest guitarist. Makes this Cd an exciting new way to listen to the classics. You will be so impressed."
Natosha Miller
"KAT SCRATCH FEVER. Crazy Kat, mistress of metal. The Great Kat - an obsessive flurry of loudness and leather who makes it her mission to distill the likes of Beethoven and Paganini into a super-fast, super-loud essence that she has dubbed 'hyperspeed.'"
Stephen J. Dubner
New York Magazine

"The Great Kat - Beethoven On Speed. Album full of references to legendary classical composers and metal renditions of classical standards...Juilliard trained guitarist and violinist, out of her mind dominatrix Katherine Thomas, aka The Great Kat. This recording is pure, magical insanity."
Sean McGavin
"On 'Wagner's War,' by New York's lovable dominatrix The Great Kat, the girl with the brilliant speedchops and the pro wrestling mentality wages war in three acts. A total metal shred of classical composer Richard Wagner's 'The Ride Of The Valkyries,' from his opera, Die Walkure."
Mike G
"The Great Kat's earbludgeoning Beethoven on Speed album would certainly cause old Ludwig to roll over in his grave. This self-anointed 'hyperspeed guitarist' and Juilliard graduate dared to unite classical and speed metal"
"Dangerous Women" CD featuring The Great Kat's "Beethoven Mosh"
"WAGNER'S WAR. The Great Kat. Savage, take no prisoners classical metal shredding, the powerhouse unleashes six-string fury that comes at you faster than you can blink. Opening with the world's fastest version of Wagner's 'The Ride Of The Valkyries,' the blitzkrieg doesn't let up. There is nothing in the world of classical metal and guitar-shredding like the Great Kat."
Slappy Morgan
""The Great Kat Metalizes Beethoven On Speed. Exudes the self confidence and balls of John Wayne, Lucretia Borgia and Billy The Kid all in one."
Kevin Sharp
"The Great Kat - Metal Messiah. Bloody Vivaldi by The Great Kat"
"The Great Kat: When the Juilliard trained Kat straps on the six-strings, everything around is sucked up in a swirling vortex of hypersonic virtuosity."
"The rock/metal music scene has long been known as having the reputation of being a 'boy's club,' but there are women with great talent in the industry. 'Great Kat' is an alumna of Juilliard, a very prestigious music school and is said to be among the fast guitar shredders in the world as well as a violin virtuoso. She uses her knowledge of classical music and love of metal to combine them in a high speed frenzy of technical skill and feeling."
Marjorie LaPrade
"OK all you rock-n-rollers. This is The Great Kat's 'Beethoven Guitar Shred' DVD. She's the world's fastest female guitarist. On this DVD are music videos featuring Kat shredding to such classics as 'The Flight of the Bumble-Bee', a metal version of the world's most famous symphony Beethoven's "5th". Have you piqued your interest?"
Denise Pritchard
"The Great Kat. Rossini's 'William Tell Overture' for Symphony Orchestra & band plays like the sci-fi soundtrack to a William Gibson version of the Lone Ranger and Bazzini's 'The Round of the Goblins' for violin, piano and band is a dizzying cornucopia of mayhem and madness."
R. Scott Bolton
Rough Edge Magazine
"Ludwig van for the rock 'n' roll generation. You've got to brace yourself for the frenetic female force behind Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed. Meet The Great Kat. Beethoven's back for a whole new generation."
CyberLife TV Show
"The Great Kat. She graduated from Juilliard on violin. She's a very classically trained guitar player. She started playing shred thrash metal, which is f**king awesome. She's a bloody awesome musician. 'Metal Messiah' by The Great Kat from 'Worship Me Or Die!' album, is a f**king great album, so bloody check that out. The Great Kat is a frickin' legend. She's a Metal Amazon. She's a f**king beast."
DJ Grey and Liam Fra
High Speed Hangover Show

"The Great Kat. 'Bloody Vivaldi'. Evokes all the Grand Masters of classical music. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. I can't describe such technique! Outrageous excess of virtuosism" - Deaththrasher Magazine
"The Great Kat. ‘Rossini’s William Tell Overture for Symphony Orchestra and Band’ must be the maddest version of this famous classic."
"The American heavy metal guitarist The Great Kat (born Katherine Thomas) expertly wraps her band's Classical sounds into speed metal and pulls it into a vortex of sonic virtuosity."
"The Great Kat - Wagner's War. The CD starts with Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie totally speed up and energized, the perfect song to go to war, just like in that Oscars awarded movie: Apocalypse Now."
Fred Boschet
“'Rossini’s Rape'. At the very start of the album, you are suckered into thinking that you will have a nice, calm time while kicked back listening to some tunes. Just a few seconds in, and TGK’s version of Rossini’s, 'William Tell Overture', will have you back on your feet and ready to rumble."
"The Great Kat. 'Bloody Vivaldi'. It starts out with the most hardcore version of Vivaldi’s, “The Four Seasons”, that the mind could imagine. It keeps a fanatical pace that makes the blood boil and the heart thump against the inside of the ribs."
Paper Dragon Ink

"'Wagner's War' in Heavy Metal. 'The Ride Of The Valkyries'. This is great, it is exuberant! The Great Kat, her musical power. 'Heavy and brutal Ode to War' is subtitled the second piece. Would Wagner turn over in his grave? To him, yes you can be as you want. His music was revolutionary, as well as the CD 'Wagner's War' by The Great Kat."
Christopher Doemges
"The Great Kat (Beethoven Shreds) includes a short arrangement of the tune [Beethoven Symphony No 5] at a breakneck tempo, infused with shred heroics and speed-metal accompaniment. The Great Kat's shred histrionics take Beethoven's Fifth to a whole new level...Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3. The Great Kat provides 100 seconds of utterly mad shred guitar with multiple lead parts weaving in and out of each other, all played at lightning pace."
"The Great Kat. This woman is the world's fastest female guitarist. She is a graduate of the Juilliard School, so you know she has cred. She's a violin virtuoso and the world’s fastest guitar shredder. Her new ‘Beethoven Shreds’ CD showcases Classical music shredded on the guitar and violin, we’re talking Beethoven, Bach, Paganini. ‘Flight of the Bumble-Bee’. That’s cool!"
"The Great Kat, 'Beethoven On Speed'. Psychofrantic, unrelenting dose of furious and fast guitar licks. The Great Kat definitely has chops - honed on classical concert violin - and she takes them to new gothic heights."
Billboard Magazine
"The Great Kat. Rossini's 'William Tell Overture'. A hyper-fast interpretation executed by a symphony orchestra (for which the mighty speed guitar goddess is responsible) and the band. Your ears will start to bleed by the insane violin-parts and galloping guitar riffs performed."
Encomium Magazine
"The electrifying American heavy metal guitarist The Great Kat has done it again! Just in time for Richard Wagner's 200th Jubilee is the glorious album 'Wagner's War'. War-like musical exploration of the horrible attacks of September 11th."
Christopher Doemges
Nachrichten (Germany)

"Rock Chick" definition in "Urban Dictionary": "Good examples of rock chicks include Guitarist Great Kat (aka Katherine Thomas)-- who is known for her extremely technical shredding."

"The Great Kat" definition in
"Urban Dictionary": "Awesome trained violin virtuoso chic that became a guitar virtuoso after graduating. She can play faster than most would be MALE guitar heroes, she's a hot dominatrix, and placed number 10 in "fastest shredders of all time" (only girl in the list by the way... girl power!!!)"
"Female shredder The Great Kat, who actually began life as a Juilliard Music School violin prodigy and then discovered heavy metal guitar."
Ian Christe
"IF THERE was a competition for Enigma Of The Year, the Great Kat would win hands down. A very passionate and intelligent lady who takes no prisoners. She simply knows exactly what she wants and where she is going. Love Kat or loathe her, you can’t ignore her – she could well have the last laugh."
Ray Palmer
"Guitar virtuoso The Great Kat. Beethoven on Speed was our favorite album of the night. It's just fun. Her songs are packed with nice bouncy thrash riffs, are fast as f**k, and are nice little spurts of aggression and speed, like grindcore for shredheads. Her abundant guitar solos are unsubtle and proceed at amazing speeds. The whole album says, "Hey, I went to Juilliard" and shreds along its lunatic way. The lady has a huge d**k upon with which she feeds were devoted cult."
Joseph "Blood Mace" McIntosh and Chris "Demon Scourge" Eddy
"The Great Kat is back to rock the world once again. As a follow up to her landmark 'Beethoven On Speed' comes 'Bloody Vivaldi'. Kat is a hot chick from the Big Apple who plays Cyber-speed metal guitar and violin. In a league all her own, Kat leaves speed metal languishing in the dust..."
"The Great Kat. Worship Me Or Die. Zipping through 100 mph solos, her brand of hyperspeed thrash is infinitely more accessible that most of her competition."
"Today, the Scorpion is the choice instrument for The Great Kat, as she plays her unique blend of classical music and heavy metal."
"The Great Kat's Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed. The first thing you notice is Kat's mind-crushing ego. Although, she presents her over the top attitude in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, her arrogance is deserved. As a classical artist, she went on to tour internationally, performed as a soloist at Carnegie Hall. She is so far superior a player, on both violin and guitar."
Brett Ratner
Gibson Guitars The Amplifier
"Beethoven's Guitar Shred from The Great Kat - amazing! Wildly revolutionary Classical guitar shreds. For the harmonious sounds of Ludwig van Beethoven - relative to the martial fighting spirit to hard rock videos that the metal Sister Katherine Thomas radiates."
Christopher Doemges

"THE METAL PIT features this month as Metal Maiden of the Month the legendary guitar virtuoso THE GREAT KAT!!! Combining classical music and guitar shredding she has inspired many females and males to pick up a guitar."
Blake Mossey
"This was a GREAT DVD. Filled with loads of great SHREDDING!! Great Kat is world's fastest female guitarist. She played great! I give the DVD a 5 out of 5!"
"Guitar virtuoso The Great Kat is 'girl power' at its raunchiest. Thrash metal guitarist who's been dubbed one of the fastest on the planet. Kat's finger-bleeding speed has to be heard to be believed. She's mind-boggingly fast. Here's a short clip of Kat playing guitar and violin on 'The Flight of the Bumblebee'. Her first live performance left the entire audience with mouths agape, shocked that a woman could play faster than practically any guy in the world."
"The Great Kat? Of “Beethoven on Speed” fame? Using it as a traveling practice amp? Mission accomplished! I asked to give the baseline model a whirl."
Matt Peckham
"The Great Kat. This Juilliard-trained violin and guitar virtuoso displays the kind of blazing speed that shoots down all the other contenders for the 'guitar god' throne. Bloody Vivaldi features 'The Four Seasons,' played with breathtaking passion and intensity."
Scott Barker
"She touts herself as speed metal's fastest female guitarist and the self-proclaimed 'guitar goddess', a.k.a. 'Satan's daughter.' Kat's debut LP was originally entitled Satan Goes To Church, but even a Juilliard graduate and acclaimed concert violinist turned sadomasochistic, blood-dripping guitar demon (who happens to be the great-granddaughter of a Lynchburg, Virginia evangelist) can change her mind: the album's been renamed Worship Me Or Die!"
"No one has exploited Beethoven to the extent that Katherine Thomas, known as The Great Kat, has. She does not just play Beethoven: she considers herself Beethoven reincarnated. In a male-dominated field, heavy metal, she is virtuosic, transgressive, and aggressive."
"A Shocking Talent. The Great Kat is a larger than life Juilliard trained classical violinist turned guitar shredder (extremely fast guitarist in the heavy metal style). She takes her knowledge of the great works of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart and processes them through a heavy metal music filter to 'single-handedly resurrect classical music.' What she does: Kat’s extreme talent and classical training allows her to create an outrageous persona that supports both her professional message and motivation."
Rachel Weingarten
"Extreme Guitar Shred from The Great Kat. The Death Metal hard rock antics of The Great Kat is not a gimmick. Katherine offers her guitar to the devil. Above all sits the American flag - and The Great Kat with her guitar and instruments of torture. Driven and extreme are the right words to describe this art. Extreme Guitar Shred could be an art form."
Christopher Doemges
"Feline Groovy. The Great Kat, a Juilliard violinist turned speed-metal guitarist, claws her way through classical music in the name of art. The Great Kat's genius has been applauded in many media, even the tabloids."
"I admire The Great Kat for her musical talent and charisma. Kat defies the odds, with mind-blowing technical skills on guitar and violin. I frequently wish that more women will pursue technical skill sets in music; the world needs more of us who self-identify as 'Great'."
by sparksofme
"The Great Kat - The Great Kat, whose real name is Katherine Thomas (sounds a lot more serene doesn't it?), has built a career on dressing like a dominatrix. Here she is in one of her more tame publicity shots, looking like she's prepared to rip our heads off."
"Kat has taken the battle cry of the Valkyries and made her own follow-ups much more direct: 'War! Bury them alive! Kill! Kill! Murder the mothers! Slaughter the bastards!' and 'Punish him! Spit on Him!'"
Sean Carruthers
"You need to take your hat off to guitarist Kat. The classically trained violinist was first a solo violinist with orchestras, but dropped everything and decreed that the classical music, in the traditional mold, was dead. With these ideas in her head, she has launched CDs with high velocity versions of music from Paganini, Bach, Wagner, Mozart and Rossini."
Fernando Souza Filho
Rock Brigade Magazine
"The art of female shred began with speed demon, The Great Kat. The Juilliard trained musician has won numerous accolades as one of the fastest guitar players in the world. Her talent is undeniable, and her over-the-top self-sexploitation has made her the first name to most casual metal fans lips when female lead guitarists are mentioned."
Rustyn Rose
"The Great Kat. The grand goddess of Classical/Shred. A metal icon: Blood, Beethoven, the absence of humility, and an undying crusade to SHRED."
Mister Frasier
"THE GREAT KAT’S 'BEETHOVEN’S GUITAR SHRED' DVD. This DVD it is mind blowing I never knew that hearing Beethoven on a guitar could be so cool. Kat is amazing and the way she plays the guitar is beyond brilliant. This lady has some serious lightening fast fingers and puts an awesome heavy metal twist on some old music."
"The Great Kat, who is the world's fastest guitarist and plays the ultimate shred guitar, is a musical genius! 'Beethoven Shreds', doing Beethoven's 5th Symphony at lightning speed. All of the songs on this CD are played at a speed that only the most accomplished musicians could even hope to keep up with. What The Great Kat does in just a few moments is breathtaking. The speed at which she is able to play, while remaining in control of the music, is both amazing and perplexing. When you speak of 'doing things my way,' think of The Great Kat because that's exactly what she is doing by taking her gift as a classical violinist and transforming it into metal shredding of her violin and guitar in an astoundingly brilliant way. I highly recommend this CD."
Charles A. Smith
"The Great Kat. 'Beethoven Shreds' which includes speed demon versions of five renowned classical compositions, lacing these masterpieces with the fuel and fury of metal. Combining classical content with thrash ferocity one of Kat’s signature pieces is Flight of Bumble Bee performed at over 300bpm. This storm of speed on both guitar and violin strings plays bafflingly fast, Kat effectively crashes together two opposing musical forces with all the gusto that shines through in her intimidating performances."
James Paterson
"Yeah! Banging my head to that! Let's meet the shredder behind this and a whole lot of classical inspired guitar histrionics, including the new album 'Beethoven Shreds' - THE GREAT KAT!"
Phil Hulett
"Beethoven Shreds. The Great Kat is a speed metal guitarist who has now applied her unique talent to Beethoven. The huge shreds displayed on this album will not disappoint fans of the genre. Not only is Kat a great guitarist, she's a classical violinist to boot. Tracks like Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or Bach's Brandenburg Concerto show this off to great effect with riffs that will blow you away. With the amount of talent on show this music can only be appreciated on a concert stage where it can be enjoyed at its fullest."
Adrian Roberts
The Great Kat Honored with a STAR in the "GUITAR HERO GALAXY"
"THE LOUDER THE BETTER - INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE. From rock legends to the Devil - with callouts to and riffs from today's hottest players-our highly subjective classification of the guitar-hero galaxy. THE GREAT KAT."
David Marchese
Spin Magazine
"The Great Kat - Beethoven Shreds. She has the technical chops to outduel any bloodthirsty immortal wielding a six-string. A flash of her finger calluses must make her must love-struck fans faint. The highlight of the album, 'Paganini’s Caprice #24,' offers the most diverse display of skill. She commands each tempo shift with precision and blistering intensity, burning the strings to ash on both her violin and guitar. It’s an astounding achievement that absolutely needs to be shared. The Great Kat takes familiar songs and beats them with chains, spits acid on them, and injects them with hellfire."
Mister Frasier
Mister Growl
"Here's a little musical wake-up call. AH! 'The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee' the guitar shredding version."
Penny Griego
L.A.'s Morning News - News Talk 980
"Entering the world of The Great Kat is a truly unique experience, an adventure that combines just the right amounts of pleasure and pain."
Donald Willmott
PC Magazine
-"The Great Kat. 'Extreme Guitar Shred'. Should be watched rabidly by the fans that worship the Great Kat. Not only does she rain fiery words of degradation down on her servants, but she also dispatches her victims with blood slick on her face, fret-burning fingers, and cleavage. These are moments of pure heavy metal excess that, for a dedicated fan of the Great Kat, will be their raison d’etre. This is essential for the fans who say they worship their Classical-Shred Messiah."
Mister Frasier
Mister Growl
"Great modern Beethoven reimaginer — The Great Kat! The Metal guitarist is one of the fastest on the planet (ask Guitar World magazine, which ranked her on their list of the 50 fastest players ever). Kat is a LVB superfan known for her takes on the musical genius' greatest composition. It's pretty much exactly what you would think a wild-eyed Thrash Metal guitar shredder playing Classical music would sound like, but impressive nonetheless."
Mike Breen
Cincinnati CityBeat
"Triumph for the Violinist Katherine Thomas. Katherine Thomas played the violin with a powerful and warm sound, perfect technique and style and with authentic interpretation of each piece."
Noticias del Mundo
"Violinist Katherine Thomas. Prowling the stage more in the style of a rock star than classical maestro she delighted the audience with a stunning display of technique and skill."
Swindon (England) Evening Advertiser
"BERNICE PERRY PRESENTS” TV SHOW starred Katherine Thomas, Prodigy Violin Virtuoso Soloing on "Czardas"!
"Katherine Thomas plays the violin and she's going into Carnegie Hall. Take it away Katherine. It's a pleasure to listen to you."
Bernice Perry
Bernice Perry Presents TV Show
Ray Heatherton bestowed the title "The Little Paganini" on Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat)
The Ray Heatherton Radio Show
"Katherine Thomas, famous English violinist gave a brilliant recital. She ended the program with Polonaise Brilliante by Wieniawski and the audience rewarded her with such a strong ovation, that she was not permitted to leave the stage for several minutes."
Tribuna de Monterrey (Mexico)
"The program came to a blazing conclusion with violinist Katherine Thomas' songful playing Kreisler's 'Caprice Viennoise' followed by the fireworks of the Wieniawski 'Polonaise Brilliante'"
Great Neck News Magazine
"Katherine Thomas. She is considered a magnificent soloist who performs her interpretations with vibrant precision."
El Norte Newspaper (Monterrey, Mexico)
"Katherine Thomas is an outstanding artist."
Peter Bloch
Canales Magazine
"Magnificent soloist."
Vanguardia (Saltillo, Mexico)
"Distinguished violinist Katherine Thomas, will perform as a soloist during the Gala Concert offered by La Orquesta Sinfonica de Coahuila, celebrating in the capital the National Congress Convention. This concert was agreed upon by the Governor of the State, Professor Oscar Flores Tapia"
El Sol Del Norte (Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico)
"Beethoven. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Soloist, Katherine Thomas, attacked the concerto with verve and zeal. Especially during the cadenza, she exhibited superb technique. Reminiscent of the young Isaac Stern."
Ivan Hametz
Massapequa Post
"Katherine Thomas. From the first moment electrified the audience with her secure musicianship, powerful and warm violin sound, accomplished technique and stylistic insight."
Canales Magazine
"The Great Kat shows off unique talents on Beethoven Shreds. YouTube sensation The Great Kat has become known for her heavy metal take on classical music and her shredding skills on the guitar have captivated audiences across the world. She has now recorded her unique talents on disc for Beethoven Shreds, showing listeners exactly why she is the world's fastest guitar shredder."
"Great Kat, a foxy, speed metal-loving guitar shredder who also happens to be a Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso with a penchant for kicking the stuffing out of classical compositions by giving them rock treatments. Great Kat has apparently been amassing fans of her lightning-fast metal-meets-classical guitar playing from far and wide. I especially like her head-snapping run through Rimsky-Korsakov’s 'The Flight of the Bumblebee.' Enjoy!"
Kim Hughes
"THE GREAT KAT, 'BEETHOVEN ON SPEED'. Thrashing the s**t out of BEETHOVEN, RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF, CHOPIN, PAGANINI, this femme fatal guitar nut, blisters the Masters, in her own inimitable way. Showing no lack of self confidence, KAT rips through a varied set of her own stuff and classical riffs reworked for a down and dirty world. Give the GREAT KAT a shot, and watch the sparks fly."
"The Great Kat Shreds The Classics. I truly love my metal and this chick can shred!"
Maria Gagliano
Maria's Space
"Martin talks to The Great Kat, a.k.a. Katherine Thomas, Juilliard graduate, composer and self-styled multi-media wizard who claims that she is the reincarnation of Beethoven. Her CD, 'Beethoven on Speed' and 'The Great Kat's Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed CD ROM' promise to 'take you screaming into the 21st century.'"
"What a joy is to hear a good violin recital! The musical feeling, warmth, technique and tonal beauty of Katherine Thomas."
Peter Bloch
Arts Close-Up, Canales
"Get ready for a jolt!"
Martin Goldsmith
National Public Radio

"The queen of classical shred violin and one of the fastest guitar players in the world, The Great Kat."
Will C
Southern Fried Gamer

Guitar World Magazine
"The Great Kat. Her real name is Katherine Thomas and is known to have a very special talent for stringed instruments like the violin and guitar."
Virtuosos De La Guitarra
"Kat is truly one of the fastest and most over-the-top guitarists in the history of metal, and that can't be disputed."
Bob Smith
"No one in heavy metal has exploited Beethoven to the extent of Katherine Thomas, known as 'The Great Kat.' She does not just play Beethoven. If you believe her, she is Beethoven reincarnated. Loud, blistering fast guitar riffs accompanied by screams, and an aggressive hyper-dominatrix persona. Her act is not subtle. She is direct and flamboyant about her intentions. Her virtuosity is for real. Over-the-top stage persona. This is a frontal assault."
Michael Broyles
"Beethoven in America" Book (Indiana University Press)
"Frickin awesome. The Great Kat! She put out a killer album, 'Beethoven Shreds', this year. The Great Kat is really doing a lot to advance metal and Classical Music - the fusion of them. She's my Snowy's Angel Of The Year."
Roch Vaillancourt
Radioactive Metal

WQXR CLASSICAL RADIO FEATURES THE GREAT KAT IN "HOW BEETHOVEN BECAME AN AMERICAN ICON"! "Ludwig Through the Lens of Filmmakers, Activists, Rockers and Rappers. The Great Kat riffs on Beethoven."
Brian Wise
WQXR Classical Radio
"Beethoven Shreds. The Great Kat blazes her way through The Flight of the Bumblebee, the famous opening of Beethoven’s 5th. If you like your classical music fast, furious and with a speed metal twist, check out greatkat.com."
Jim Lundstrom
The Scene Newspaper
Guitar World Magazine

"The best music of 2011: The Great Kat: Wagner’s War, Tpr Music/Cargo"
Frankfurter Rundschau Newspaper (Germany)

"Hard-hitting sucker punch of shredded classical mayhem. 'Wagner’s War' is definitely a work of art provided by the hands, and twisted minds, of The Great Kat. Another must have for the everyday audiophile."
Alex Hipkins
Paper Dragon Ink
"This intense release follows guitarist The Great Kat as she shreds through some of the fastest and most challenging pieces, like 'Flight of the Bumble Bee', 'Paganini's Caprice 24', 'Beethoven's 5th Symphony', 'Bach's Brandenburg Concerto 3', and much more."
Cammila Collar
Rovi & Target
"ROLL OVER, BEETHOVEN...and let Kat tell ya the news.
The Great Kat. On 'Beethoven On Speed' she melds metal and classical so skillfully that if Beethoven were alive today he'd have been a head-banging metal maniac."
Dan Aquilante
New York Post
"The Great Kat named one of the fastest guitar players. Probably the fastest female shredder on the face of the earth. 'Flight Of The Bumble-Bee' at 300 Beats Per Minute. It does not get any faster than that. This ('Beethoven's Guitar Shred' DVD) makes a great stocking stuffer. The Great Kat 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred'."
Michael Butler
"Musically the album has a lot of high points and Kat certainly shows plenty of ability on the fretboard and shows her virtuosity with a frenzied violin solo on ‘Demons’. Best cuts (musically) are probably the anthemic ‘Metal Messiah’ and the out’n’out thrash of ‘Satan Says’. The strong riffing ‘Ashes To Dust’ is also worth a mention and so too is the excellent production. If you like thrash with commercial appeal then Worship Me Or Die! is worth investigation."
Bernard Doe
Metal Forces Magazine
"Wagner's War" CD Named "THE BEST RECORDS 2011"
Berliner Zeitung Newspaper (Germany)

Alex Hipkins
Paper Dragon Ink
"BEETHOVEN SHREDS. If you like your classical music at locomotive speed and Jimi Hendrix styled sonic guitar, then take a listen to Juilliard rebel The Great Kat zip through The Flight of the Bumble Bee, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3 and Paganini's Caprice #24. It's worth considering using this music as cool entre into the world of classical music for unsuspecting youths. Fast she is, wild she is---catch your breath and spin a listen."
Eye on Dance and the Arts
"She does not skimp on technique and shouts to challenge the speed on the guitar, she is The Great Kat, who reinvents the great scores. She executes pieces like 'The Fifth Symphony' or Bach's 'Brandenburg Concerto' at the maximum speed on guitar and violin, with a crushing and powerful technique."
Israel Morales
Milenio (Mexico)
"THE GREAT KAT SIGNATURE SONG 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee'. Juilliard-trained virtuoso. Heavy leather dominatrix persona so over the top."
Guitar World Magazine
"Rock Goddess! The very COOL rock goddess, The Great Kat. That was 'Flight of the Bumble-Bee'. We're talking speeds of up to 300 Beats a minute here. INSANE guitar shred speed. That is just totally insane. Get your copy of 'Beethoven Shreds'."
Bill Bailey
The Bailey Broadcast Radio Show, 92.7 FM KGBR
"The Great Kat's 'Beethoven Shreds.' If you've heard The Great Kat before, you know what to expect - classical music performed in a metal style at blinding speeds. What really struck me was the CD cover - it's about the most bizarre I've seen in a long time."
Dan Cross
About.com Guitar
"the great Kat. Worship Me or Die! It rips. You will buy this album. You will like it, because it shreds. You will join the Kat Slave Club. The great Kat has spoken. By the way, somebody pry me off this ceiling fan, OK?"
Pulse Magazine
"She's loud, obnoxious, opinionated, very talented and she can keep you entertained for an entire afternoon. She invented a musical style she now calls Hyperspeed Metal. Here she is...the great Kat!"
Rock Beat Magazine
"Kat has left the concert podium and entered the thrashatorium, plying her skills with violin and guitar in service of bone-crushing speed-crazed brain-warped sex-driven blood-lusting forged and tempered METAL THRASH!"
Hard Rock Magazine
"Mad-cap classically-trained violinist The Great Kat has become an overnight hit in clubs with Beethoven On Speed, a mix of classical violin and heavy metal."
Daily Star Newspaper
"Kat is a Juilliard-trained violinist who traded in the sedate world of classical performance to play the guitar just shy of the speed needed to go back in time.  Kat forces these melodies through a black hole and back out again through in a white-hot stream of incredibly fine sound particles that ascend and descend so quickly and accurately that one could debate whether the interpretations are a performance or a weapon. For those who have thus far enjoyed the carnival ride of Beethoven Shreds should have no problem putting Kat's statue alongside the greats."
Jef With One F
Houston Press
"Great Kat. Incredible talent, one of the best female guitar player. This blonde has managed something that no one before her could do: combine speed metal with classical music. This creates 'Beethoven on speed.' Charming and adorable, and controversial and scandalous. She is known for her eccentricity and personality."
Stefan Davidovic
M@N! Magazine
"The guitar goddess, a graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School as a violin virtuoso, considered by Guitar One magazine in the top 10 shred guitarists of all time. Kat unleashes high-speed guitar and violin madness in her latest album. Extraordinary guitarist."
La Pua (Mexico)

"Great Kat, 'Beethoven Shreds' (TPR): The fleet-fingered British guitarist takes on a variety of classical pieces, including Beethoven’s Fifth symphony, a couple of Bach pieces and 'The Flight of the Bumble-Bee.'"
Gary Graff
The Oakland Press
"The Great Kat. Great guitar player and great entertainer. 'Beethoven Shreds'. It's just incredible. So many notes every second. It's crazy! Great Kat takes it to another level of speed. She is shredding the whole time. Paganini's 'Caprice #24'. She just shreds on that one, too. Intense guitar shredding. It's so awesome. The Great Kat is now in the 'Snowy's Angels Hall Of Fame'. We're honored to induct axe virtuoso THE GREAT KAT!"
Roch Vaillancourt
Radioactive Metal
"Let's Shred the Symphony. 'Beethoven Shreds', with The Great Kat's amazing speed she will blow your mind and amaze you with how short the tracks of classical music become when someone can play so amazingly fast. Her rendition of 'The Flight of the Bumble-Bee' will simply blow your mind and will have you replaying it over and over again."
Erick Castillo
Disciplined Monkey Studios
-"The Great Kat is like the female version of Gilbert Gottfried, except she looks tastier and she can shred. Guitar One magazine actually did list her as one of the Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time."
No Clean Singing
"The Great Kat presents 'Beethoven Shreds'. This is definitely my favorite classical speed metal record of the year."
Chris Carle
"She is fast, technical and devilish when she plays and it connects very well to classical music. Great Kat almost makes sparks out of her fingers. The Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD is her newest product, which features breathtaking tracks. For those who like speed, she bangs!"
Henrique Inglez de Souza
Guitar Player Magazine Brazil
"THE GREAT KAT'S FEROCIOUS PASSION is unleashed in the service of a divine mission: zapping her ultra-virtuosic, 22nd-century shred classical concept into the synapses of what she calls the 'moron masses.' To accomplish this, the Juilliard-trained violinist and guitar shredder transforms classical masterworks into speed-metal songs, rages like a demented dominatrix, spews blood, bears arms, exposes her goodies, and indulges in both mental and dramatic castrations."
Michael Molenda
"The Great Kat, an American shredder. A sonic assault from the guitar goddess." "Oh, Jesus, Lord almighty! This woman scared the living hell out of me."
Max Thrasher and Brandon Williams
"#6 Bloody Vivaldi. The Great Kat is probably the most respected female metal guitarist in the world, with her lightning-fast shredding winning fans wherever she goes. Most of her work is metal reinterpretations of classical pieces, and on the cover of the 1998 EP Bloody Vivaldi, she decided to take the title literally and get drenched in buckets of gore. I approve!"
K. Thor Jensen
"That upper tier of female metal artists is incomplete without The Great Kat. Holy face-melting shredding! The Great Kat is the first ever celebrity to make an appearance on Scary Terry's Saturday Nightmare!"
Terry Stevens
"The Great Kat - world's fastest guitar player. The Great Kat is known worldwide as an excellent guitar technician neoclassical / speed metal genre, but also for her high eccentricity."
Gisha and Marko Jovanovic
"The Great Kat has earned a completely justified reputation as one of the world's fastest rock guitarists - her 'shredding' has to be heard to be believed."
Bob Smith
Craig Hlavaty
"The Great Kat rises again as Beethoven gets the guitar shred treatment on DVD. If you like heavy metal, distorted guitars and wild ladies in bondage gear, we have just about the perfect DVD for you - The Great Kat's Beethoven's Guitar Shred. Kat's 'shredding' style is based on her classical violin education, now put to use mangling the greats of classical music into a nerve-jarring aural assault of finger-blisteringly fast electric noise. It is something you'll want to watch over and over again, as much for Kat's scantily-clad, blood-spattered dominatrix stage persona as for her blistering performances."
Chris Jenkins
"Juilliard prodigy The Great Kat. One fireball force of nature. Super formidable shredder. High speed Neo-Classical shred and actual Classical compositions."
Ian Christe
"WEDNESDAY'S WEB VIDEO GEM: THE MYSTERIOUS 'GREAT KAT'"! "That’s The Great Kat. A Juilliard alum turned thrash metal guitarist with a flair for covering classical music. A sampling of some of her album titles should give you an idea of what we’re working with: Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed, Bloody Vivaldi, Worship Me or Die!"
Clicker Blog
"The Great Kat releases another blistering sonic assault on your eardrums. Do you like really fast metal? Do you enjoy some Beethoven? Well put them in a turbo blender and you get The Great Kat 'Beethoven Shreds'. This CD smashes you in the face right when you press play. The Great Kat puts down a blistering pace and never lets up. It's classical music set to 11, super fast and extremely brutal. If you like fast ass guitar / classical metal that wears your skin like Ed Gein pick this up."
Jon Chase
The Dstroyr Blog
"Beethoven Shreds is a high-octane wild ride of a musical performance by The Great Kat, who may well be the fastest guitarist in the world (unless someone can step forth and challenge her title)! The Great Kat performs furious, magnificent shreds of Beethoven's classics on both the violin and the electric guitar (often with orchestra & band) in this exciting masterpiece, encouraging all generations of music lovers to experience Beethoven in a whole new way. Highly recommended!"
James A. Cox
The Midwest Book Review's Wisconsin Bookwatch
"The Great Kat - Beethoven Shreds. Besides the respect for the unbelievable skills that one needs to pull this kind of thing off, I have to admit that I like what I hear. I think it's kind of refreshing and very funny to hear these classical melodies being performed in a more contemporary way. Over the top? You bet. 'Beethoven Shreds' shows a nice equilibrium between skill, an adventurous approach and humour. And I like that."
Peter Van Laarhoven
United Mutations
"Juilliard trained classical musician and face meltingly fast shred guitarist, The Great Kat, has a world wide release date for her album Beethoven Shreds. She takes classical music, pops the clutch and squeals the tires out of the gate, as she is one of the world's fastest shred guitarists. The really beauty of her music is her classical training really gives the songs a serious sense of refinement and production value."
Will C
"The Great Kat Beethoven Shreds. All of her greatness is defined in this one neat package. Her interpretations will 'wow' anyone that hears them. The speed and ferocity that she displays is by far superior to any other I've ever heard. If you do not own other Great Kat albums go get this one! Mind blowing, guitar fueled experience that you will want to replay numerous times over." -
Dennis Day
"The Great Kat handles classical chords effortlessly, with razor sharp focus and plays her violin and guitars, incredibly faster than Beethoven would have had ever ventured to dream. She is an inspiration to us all. THE GREAT KAT THE FASTEST SHRED GUITAR FETISHIST."
Naja Kemp
Peter Kemp's Theatre
"The woman that I now believe is a dark superhero sent by the ghosts of composers past in order to make darn sure nobody forgets who they are, by any means necessary, the one, the only, THE GREAT KAT!!!!"
'Evil' Ian Miller
"The Great Kat is a classically trained Violinist. She demands God-like admiration. Classical pieces in breath-taking speeds of high-fidelity. WORSHIP ME OR DIE! is a absolute must hear for Speed Metal fans."
"THE GREAT KAT - Beethoven on Speed. Great Kat alone has added the virtuosity of Marty Friedman, the perfectionism and complexity of Yngwie. Beethoven On Speed, a real clinic that would make the most dexterous on the six strings hesitate.  It is metal, thrash and neo-classical shred, devastating scholarly - perfect fusion of two apparently opposite musical forms, but that without a doubt can converge at the moment of extreme complexity."
"The Great Kat. The High Priestess of Guitar Shred. She can play 'Flight of the Bumblebee' at 300 beats per minute! Wagner’s War, a no-holds-barred response to September 11, includes a cover of that tender Nazi classic 'Flight of the Valkyries.'  Her followers (the 'Kat slaves') think she’s just the soldier America needs. Ranked among 'The Ten Fastest Shredders of All Time.' Totally spoiling her crazy-lady rep: She studied classical violin at Juilliard."
Melissa Maerz
New York Magazine
"Heavy Metal Beethoven. Ya gotta see (and hear) this one to believe it. It's a guitar shred. A really really fast guitar shred.  Beethoven's Guitar Shred is a DVD featuring The Great Kat, a classical violin wunderkind turned metal guitar shred virtuoso. Like I said, watch and listen for yourself."
Dave White
About.com: Classic Rock
"The Great Kat 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' is the perfect gift to impress any rocker on your list. The Great Kat is a Juilliard trained violinist turned shredder. And she is fast. She takes Beethoven's music to all new rock -n-roll heights. She is cool and your rocker would love to get this DVD for the Holidays. This is a DVD that is going to impress the rocker in your life this Holiday season."
Susan McGlaun
"To play faster is impossible. Great Kat is the fastest woman in the world of metal. Guitarist who reinvents Beethoven with great speed. Beethoven's Guitar Shred, a DVD which puts her virtuosity to the service of these musical geniuses, makes your hair stand on end. Her CDs are gems of virtuosity and ahead of time, always premised on speed. The guitarist makes the music flow and electrifies the senses, and she reminds us how great were those who contributed these notes to the history of music, and as with the metal, she knows how to combine them perfectly."
Israel Morales
Milenio (Mexico)
"She doesn't play, but incinerates, classical music -- and is faster than Yngwie Malmsteen. The Great Kat - a Juilliard graduate, takes guitar playing, classical music, and performance wow-ness to a whole new level."
Melanie "Sass" Falina
"One is surprised to discover that there exists a human that fast, which is a furious woman. She is called The Great Kat, always dressed like a dominatrix and covered in blood of her enemies. Costumed in this way, there is a madness that borders on genius. The Great Kat has decided to convert the immortal themes of Paganini, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Wagner, which she calls 'shred/classical', where the scores are a hail of bullets."
Carmilla On Line
"The queen of speed, the champion of all things shred and the uncontested ruler of humanity, a goddess who can play at speeds of 300bpm. The sheer ferocious power of The Great Kat’s new Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD has burned all feeble human minds to a cinder in the wake of Kat’s invincible/truthful shred onslaught. This new bible for humanity has quickly left Kat as the dominant force on the planet Earth."
Morgan Y. Evans
Crusher Magazine
"She is a violin virtuoso, and Juilliard graduate. She is The Great Kat, one of the fastest, face melting guitarists of all time. Wagner’s 'The Ride of the Valkyries' an instantly familiar song to anyone who hears the famous melody. The production value astounded me. There about a million different things going on at mind boggling speeds. It was amazing how good it sounded. It is not just your average shred guitar, there is a full orchestra of sounds backing her, and when she pulls out the violin it is amazing. Musically the album is great. An all around winner."
Will C.
Southern Fried Gamer
"The Great Kat. She is the Juilliard-trained guitar shredder goddess of great note and can play 'The Flight of the Bumblebee' at 300 beats per minute. I was charged by her 'Bloody Vivaldi' release with 'The Four Seasons' for violin, chamber orchestra and band. She’s all over it and it’s fast, amazing and memorable. Sarasate's 'Carmen Fantasy' is another classic twist. Pictured in a black bikini and chains on the back, The Great Kat’s long, golden hair is as wild as her playing is meticulous. Kat is still shocking.  She’s already tackled 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' and other familiar artists."
Darragh Doiron
The Port Arthur News
"Juilliard. New York City's distinguished Juilliard school offers a well regarded music program. The music program at Juilliard features alumni such as 'The Great Kat' Katherine Thomas."
Sarah Wallman
"The Great Kat is an English virtuoso violinist and metal guitarist who breaks down all classical artists like Beethoven, Paganini, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach. She plays her pieces at the speed of light. She is quite a character, genius and figure, but her ample classical training allows her to reach extreme speeds that few are able to reach."
7Mohijo Blog
"The Great Kat Shred Guitar Virtuoso is the only musician taking note-for-note authentic Classical Music scores. She is fast, technical and devilish."
Guitar Holiday
"The Great Kat. She is among the 10 fastest guitarists in the world. She has a technique worthy of admiration due to her high accuracy and degree of perfectionism."
EN 440
"The Great Kat is one of the best guitarists in the world, and she is trained as a classical violinist."
Blog Elaphar
"The Great Kat: The world's fastest guitarist, a cross between the attitude of Wendy O. Williams, the power of Kerry King and the precision of Beethoven. Incomparable virtuosity and sensuality. The one true queen of metal and classical music ... Hail Kat!!!!"
Zamir Resk Facco
La Religion del Rock Pesado
"The Great Kat has been relentless in her quest to merge classical music standards with thrash, resulting in some of the fastest guitar work ever heard in the genre. 'Wagner's War' feature Kat's impossible guitar technique as well as escapades on violin. It is sheer brutality."
Alun Thomas
GloryDaze Music
"The music of the Great Kat is such an unique, inevitable and astounding accomplishment. The Great Kat is a female, heavy metal shredder of unquestionably advanced technical proficiency and speed on her instruments. Her technique is impeccable, her skills and fluidity ARE astounding. She is quite staggering to watch and has technique to spare. She really is one of the best guitarists out there, bar none."
Gary Gomes
Perfect Sound Forever
"The Great Kat, guitar virtuoso and shredding queen. She graduated from Juilliard after studying the violin but then turned her attention to the guitar, turning classical pieces into insane speed metal. A rad chick with an incredible talent."
Blonde Metal Blog
"The high priestess of shred/classical is to metal what Beethoven is to classical music. The Great Kat shows that the extreme guitar can marry well with the classical greats such as Beethoven, Rossini, Wagner."
Decibels Storm
"Great Kat strikes again. Beethoven's Guitar Shred contains classical music from Beethoven, Paganini and Bach revised in very, very fast heavy metal music and also the known Korsakov's 'Flight of the Bumblebee', played in 300 bpm! Great Kat is a great instrument player. She easily shreds the guitar and the violin playing with devilish quickness and surely deserves the honors she's got from magazines from the US."
George Christodoulopoulos
Burn Out Magazine (Greece)
"The Great Kat hardcore metal musician with some serious shred, I’m talkin bloody fingers fast dudes. She takes classic tunes and mixes it up with some metal and produces one unique, fast-paced sound. There’s nothing like seeing a woman spread wide with a guitar between her legs. If you’re a fan of heavy metal then definitely take The Great Kat’s Beethoven’s Guitar Shred for a spin; it’s a unique spin on classic hits that’s sure to please. It’s been Valkor tested and TOV Approved."
The Other View
"The Great Kat, the virtuoso violinist and guitarist of metal who shreds all classical artists such as Beethoven, Paganini, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach. She plays their parts at the speed of light. She is quite a character, genius and figure, but her extensive classical training allows her to reach extreme speeds that few are able to reach."
Jordi Zelig Tarrega
Tex Hughes
"The Great Kat: Guitar Heroine, Speed Metal Queen, Juilliard graduate, and one of the world’s fastest guitarists. Besides her insanely quick playing, her trademark is that she loves to play classic pieces on her guitar. She’s also quite terrifying."
Jason MacIsaac
"Guitarist of the Month. April is the month for The Great Kat. She is a composer, musical revolutionary and a musician best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music."
"THE GREAT KAT [Woman]. The Great Kat is the stage name of Katherine Thomas is known for the music thrash metal with some classical music. Mostly played with electric guitar, but sometimes plays the violin. In fact Thomas is a violin instructor, a graduate of the Juilliard School and had a tour to play conventional classical music before finally crossing into metal."
"Think that you are the fastest Guitarist ever? Well, your not. But the Great Kat is."
Southern Fried Gamer
"Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat)"
Meu Instrumento
"Blending the showmanship of metal with the intensive musical construction of classical, Kat has carved out a name for herself in musical history by shredding some of the greatest musical works of our time."
Carly Milne
AOL's Digital City
"The Great Kat is a female metal guitar virtuoso, heavily influenced by classical music. The Great Kat demonstrates the extremes to which metal performers go to accentuate their virtuosity on various instruments."
William Phillips and Brian Cogan
Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music
"All three acts of this cycle ('War,' 'Revenge,' and 'Victory') are delivered at a breakneck pace. It's not your typical metal, but then again, the Great Kat isn't your typical metal star."
"Running through four pieces in a scant six and a half minutes, Rossini's Rape leads off with a version of the titular composer's William Tell Overture, arranged for a combination of speed metal band and orchestra. Slayer meets Yngwie Malmsteen, except fronted by a shrieking female violinist, which actually adds a new dimension to the sinister feel of the music. The Great Kat is without a doubt an amazingly accomplished musician."
"The queen of speed. The Great Kat plays shred covers of classical composers like Beethoven and Wagner. One of the fastest guitarists of all, her persona knows no limits."
Zach Zimmerman
Associated Content
"Beethoven's Guitar Shred, featuring The Great Kat, is one hell of a way to infuse both the love of metal and classical music into one gift. With performances of classical pieces like "Flight of the Bumblebee" amped up to 300bpm and face-melting solo work, this is a great fun gift that will have you watching her fingers in awe."
Rene Rosa aka Evil Adam
Entertaining Evil
"The Great Kat's take on classical music, which is what she's really known for, I think my favorite video would have to be 'Beethoven's Fifth Symphony,' which is simply brutal. 'Hot Shred Bits 2,' that flash by to the tune of some seriously fast shred guitar. I know The Great Kat will never disappoint me...and I can't think of any other artist that I can say that about. So, if you ask me if this release is worth checking out...my response would be, 'You're damn right it is!'"
Paul Autry
Ballbuster Music
"A lightning-quick rendition of Rossini's 'The Barber of Seville'. With visual fare as strong a selling point as her aural treats, it is no wonder that there is a video for 'Dominatrix.' Kat batters her submissive ones and bats out the double-quick fretwork. Guitar Goddess features the lusty lady of the leapin' licks among big crosses, dungeon settings, whips and chains."
"The Great Kat one of the fastest guitar players in the galaxy releases new CD. Wagner's War. It's pretty insane and her abilities are proven on this disc. She just shreds. Over the top speed runs, and a violin. She is a classically trained musician and throws down on the violin for some extra ripping."
"The Great Kat dazzles with her virtuosic high-voltage guitar technique (and penchant for heavy metal/goth) on her Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD. Wildly entertaining."
fab Magazine
"Wow! Very rarely does a DVD come along that inspires the old 'You'll have to see it to believe it!' But such is the case with The Great Kat's Beethoven's Guitar Shred, an amazing display of speedy guitar wizardry. Kat slices and dices the Paganini composition with precision on guitar but she also plays a violin part that makes Charlie Daniels' fiddle-off with the devil on 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' look like a molasses-dripping contest."
"The Great Kat is a Juilliard-trained violin virtuoso who demonstrates the complementary aspects of classical and metal through her over-the-top, dominatrix persona, her self-styled 'shred/classical' genre and her instructional DVDs. With the rarity of her gift and the minority of her gender in this genre, she's been tearing up her fretboard and blistering her fingers for plenty of years. Those who don't hop on the Great Kat express are bound to get run over!"
Amy Sciarretto
AOL Music Noisecreep
"Of all the shredders on our list, Juilliard-trained violinist the Great Kat (aka Katherine Thomas) is the most mind-bogglingly fast. Watch her fingers do the talking in the Beethoven Mush video here. (Or just imagine the composer’s electrical symphony on amphetamines.)"
Julie Vadnal
"An incredibly talented musician. My fingers hurt just listening to that ("The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee"), which is remarkable. The speed with which her fingers are moving to do that--it's INSANE!"
Cathy Brooks
"The guitarist Katherine Thomas aka The Great Kat is ranked among the fastest metal shredders of all time."
Danny Kringiel
Spiegel Online (Germany)
"Kat has secured her position as the only classically-trained violinist-turned scantily-clad demonic guitar dominatrix and ambassador of the fine musical arts! Wow. It's difficult not to be bowled over by The Great Kat when she pretty much leaves you no alternative! Centering in on the universal male love of blood, cleavage and wickedly fast/intricate guitar displays. BEETHOVEN'S GUITAR SHRED, an ultra high-energy paen to Ludwig Van, J.S. Bach, Rimsky-Kosakov, that devilish Paganini, and of course, The Great Kat herself."
Ian Miller
AV Maniacs
"Beethoven’s Guitar Shred is a collection of Kat’s videos showing her playing various classical pieces, Speed Metal style. If The Flash played guitar, this is what it would look like. Several magazines proclaim her one of the world’s fastest guitarists, and I believe it. It’s astonishing to watch. The music is recognizable to anyone who knows the classical pieces. Flight of the Bumble Bee would be great for any arcade game with a frantic pace. She’s also such an extreme personality that I could see The Great Kat herself in a videogame."
Jason MacIsaac
"The Great Kat should be feared because her hyper-blasting, neo-classical, whirlwind guitar playing is so precise and intense. This woman really is a better guitarist than most men ever were. Beethoven’s Guitar Shred DVD is a portable clinic of seemingly inhuman guitar antics.  Dominating torture, blood, fire, anti-terrorist sentiments – all wrapped in an oddly tasteful, hyper-classical visual feast."
Mark Morton
Heavy Metal Examiner
"She possesses a prodigious talent, a virtuosic precision that allows her to play classical transcriptions on her guitar at upwards of 300 beats per minute.  The Great Kat is one of those outsize performing personas as well as a masterful musician."
Philip Martin
"On the new DVD 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred', The Great Kat (a.k.a. Katherine Thomas) buzzes through 'Flight of the Bumblebee' at a mind-numbing 300 beats per minute. The classically trained musician claims to be one of planet's fastest guitar players, and who can argue?"
Lou Carlozo
"The Great Kat Priestess of the Guitar Shred and Beethoven. Great Kat, claimed to actually be a contemporary Ludwig van Beethoven, can perform some insanely crazy feats, including performing many of Beethoven's works at ridiculously mind-numbing speeds. Great Kat and Beethoven demonstrated incredible music accomplishments. (Great Kat actually holds a degree from Juilliard)."
Sabrina Young
"Beethoven’s music performed by The Great Kat, a Juilliard-trained musician and one of the fastest 'shredders' of all time. Beethoven’s Fifth that is played with absurd velocity on an electric guitar.  Beethoven can never have found himself in odder company than that of The Great Kat, and I amused myself thinking what he would have made of it all. I like to imagine one of his furious temper tantrums. But Mozart, a more ribald soul, would surely have found it hilarious."
Peter Aspden
"This dvd is made for guitar enthusiasts who believe speed is everything. They will love this dvd. For speed freaks."
David Berkham
DVD Corner's Blog
"Her guitar performance is beyond energetic, transcending to the level of mania, as she shreds a ferocious medley of Beethoven, Bach, and raw fervor. A raucous blend of classical music, heavy metal, and stinging social commentary. Beethoven's Guitar Shred is truly unforgettable, and especially recommended for metal fans."
James A. Cox
"Metal Messiah by The Great Kat. You can see some of her classical music background (some of the shredding sounds like the opening to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries) but at the same time the song is totally metal and has a good beat."
"Juilliard-trained violinist the Great Kat has been called 'The High Priestess Of Shred' and is one of the most mind-bogglingly fast guitarists you’ve ever seen. She is best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known classical pieces."
"The Great Kat has launched her new DVD in which the extraordinary guitarist includes classic works by the deaf genius (Beethoven), Bach and Paganini. Katherine Thomas broke speed records by playing the famous piece "The Flight of the bumblebee" at a dizzying 300 beats per minute. A fierce guitarist specializing in heavy metal versions of the classics."
Guillermo Aguilera
"Kat is a classically trained violinist graduated from Juilliard. But what do you do when you're a hot (technically and physically) virtuoso? Her answer was to apply her substantial violin technique to the electric guitar. And the results are amazing."
Henry Davis
"A shredder out of New York who puts a thrash metal spin on classical pieces..... HEAVY RIFFAGE! The Great KAT is a virtuoso in the field of ear-bleeding, thrash, shred-metal versions of classical pieces."
Dave Roberts
"Today one of the best ('shredding') is The Great Kat. Kat really is original and inventive and like nothing that has come before. One might compare her to Janis Joplin."
Chuck N. Baker
"The Great Kat is a leather-clad dominatrix who plays lightning-fast metal versions of the classics. This is sex meets shred as Kat rips through The Flight Of The Bumble Bee on electric guitar at 300 beats per minute."
Paul Cole
"The Great Kat - Hungarian Rhapsody #2 ** One of the Greatest Songs of All Time"
"To the beat of Beethoven at Full Speed. The extraordinary guitarist in this work shows a strong and terrifying personality. A DVD for heavy people, a strange mixture of rock, classical music, hemoglobin, some sex and terror."
Guillermo Aguilera
"The Great Kat, who you may know as one of the fastest, fiercest heavy metal guitar shredders in the universe. I popped it in, and was delighted to find some of the greatest heavy metal videos ever made. This lady is hard core. She plays Beethoven's symphonies the way he always intended: incredibly fast and covered in blood."
"It is my honor to say that her music videos are even more warped and gory than they were when I first started listening to her music! She’s known for awesome guitar shredding, playing classical songs at fast speeds, screaming, and being worshipped."
Mike Burmeister
"I never saw such a guitar play before and I think I will never see it again. Incredible technique! The Great Kat managed to play guitar at the highest speed possible. And she is precise like a clock (I mean an atom-clock here). One of the best guitar plays on this globe. Her technique is incredible and cannot be copied by most of the guitarist out there. Every guitar hero fan can enjoy watching this. One of the best guitarist on this planet."
Cy Ghul
"Get The Great Kat's Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD, a hot girl doing metal to classical."
"Breath-taking rendition of 'Flight of the Bumblebee' which topped out at near 400 bpm. Insane fast that is... Also, she's insane, megalomaniacal, great big hair, and has a killer body."
Der Schatten
"Ultra-Speed Metal of incredible dexterity. She lays her hands with incredible ready fingers and flying speed on the works of great masters. Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto, and of course the famous Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov shredded at full speed. This is technically impressive."
Matthias Kerber
"Blood + Beethoven + metal = Great Kat. Uber-fast metal guitar wiz. She performed Beethoven tunes at top volume covered in blood and shrouded in flames."
Chris Riemenschneider
"Especially recommended for metal fans."
"'Beethoven's Guitar Shred', a DVD featuring Kat's way over the top imagery and absolutely mindblowing guitar playing. Kat's technique through out the DVD has to be seen and heard to be believed; one can practically smell the fretboard frying."
WestSide Dave
"More female chauvinist than feminist, Kat is best described as a 21st century Janis Joplin who breaks out of the conventionally assigned gender role limitations of acceptable female behavior, creatively and otherwise, to give the historically male dominated music scene a woman's energy and edge."
Prairie Miller
"Raw, balls-in-your face of both metal and virtuosity that the Great Kat was able to deliver. The all-time reigning messiah."
Der Schatten
"Thrill again to the electrifying playing of The Great Kat in Beethoven's Guitar Shred."
Michael Janusonis
"One of the best guitarists in terms of command of the guitar, Katherine Thomas better known as 'The Great Kat'.  Undoubtedly, a girl with a big ego but extremely talented."
Susana Garcia de Alonzo
"Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD is really awesome. So if you're a fan of blood and crazy guitar work, you just might want to grab this one."
"'Beethoven's Fifth' and 'Paganini's Caprice #24' get a boost of amphetamines, going by in a blur of notes that's over nearly as soon as it starts. Shredder acrobatics and shocking stage show. The Great Kat's place as one of the top 10 fastest guitar-shredders in the world is definitely secure! I can highly recommend these to all fans of hers. Hear some classics played at speeds you can scarcely imagine while have your senses shaken in every conceivable way."
Nolan B. Canova
"She can shred like a monster goddess. Her music of choice is Beethoven, Rossini, and Wagner. Think you've heard Flight of the Bumble Bee? Try it from a long haired, leather clad dominatrix with an axe."
"Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD Rates 10 OUT OF 10
"The Great Kat plays at lightening speed that it’s impossible to see her fingers moving up and down the fret. Layers upon layers of intricate fast guitar playing that will make grown men and women sell their guitars. The Great Kat is a musical enigma bringing together what some might consider God’s soundtrack and the Devil’s music in a raging war. Great stuff."
Jim Ody
"The Great Kat is famous for her thrash metal interpretations of well known pieces of classical music. Although she is an accomplished violinist, this concentrates on her virtuoso use of the electric guitar.  Kat gets through a number of well known pieces at breakneck speed."
David Burbidge
"The Great Kat’s guitar playing is ridiculously fast. Kat Thomas' tears in to The Flight Of the Bumble Bee with accuracy and speed. Her shred rendition of Paganini’s Caprice #24 is also at a mind-blowing speed. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is nimble, precise and fast. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto ends the classical shred on this DVD with a bang and really leaves you wanting more."
"THE GREAT KAT is well-known as the virtuoso of guitar and the violin as well as as the original interpreter of works of classic music: Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, Paganini and others. The artist is the champion of shredding. The works are played with improbable speed - these are the very quick, mad and furious compositions full of solos as well as brutal screams."
"The Great Kat takes guitar playing, classical music, and performance wow-ness to a whole new level. She's outrageous, dangerous, and ferocious -- she's The Great Kat - and if you haven't heard her play yet, after you ingest this DVD you'll never be the same."
Melanie 'Sass' Falina
"The Great Kat has spent much time trying to resurrect the respectability factor of these timeless masterpieces by ushering their complex note sequences via modern distortion and blinding guitar shred."
Ray Van Horn, Jr.
The Metal Minute
"This DVD from The Great Kat takes on the familiar journey of speed guitar and tongue-in-cheek humor."
Terry Bunch
Metal Life Magazine
"The original Queen of scream and metal shred returns with a collections of videos on one powerful DVD of intense metals that only THE GREAT KAT can deliver."
Billy Whitfield
Toxic Flyer Zine
"This juggernaut of jammin', ferocity of the fretboard, steamrolla of rock-and-rolla is, of course, THE GREAT KAT!!! BEETHOVEN’S GUITAR SHRED, the new DVD multi-media extravaganza which is nothing short of an aural and visual blitzkrieg."
Thom Copher
Heavy Metal Hog
"The Great Kat's 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' DVD is INSANE!"
Bob Glaser
CitySlicker Entertainment Magazine
"Not for the weak of heart! This is one seriously wild ass ride!"
DJ Foothill
HighSpeed Magazine
"Very exact instrumental interpretations and always at full speed."
Eloy Teixido
Won E'mer Webzine
"The Great Kat has stamped a place in metal as not only a virtuoso but also as a fiery character. This DVD is a collection of her performing as a metal maiden, and the music videos are as enticing as they are entertaining.  It is indeed a treat to see any person play instruments at such punishing tempo."
Bill Zebub
The Grimoire
"Guitar aficionados marvel at the speed of her playing and her ability to maintain such precision despite that speed. Get a feel for what she's all about while watching her fingers fly up and down the frets. Pick up a copy and shred."
Larry McCloskey
"The Great Kat is a violinist guitarist who graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School. Her music evokes to the great masters of Classical music, with a touch of violent metal and a perfect technique. She was chosen among the ten fastest guitarists to ever, and YES, it must be said, this female plays like the Gods."
"Her ability to dazzle you with her speed and skill are not to be missed. The classical music selections highlight not only her shred virtuosity on the guitar, but violin as well. Witness her lightning speed and blinding virtuosity. While she is indeed quick and nimble on the strings, she plays with a clarity and exactness that belies her swiftness."
Michael E. Carver
"The sheer virtuosity of the woman is nothing short of flabbergasting. She goes from guitar to violin with ease, working with precision and speed. I liked very much her rendition of Bach's 3rd Brandenburg concerto. I have heard other versions including the famous Switched On Bach version from Wendy Carlos and Kat's version deserves a place in the list of famous interpretations of this masterpiece."
Jerry Fielden
"The world famous musical phenomenon that is called The Great Kat is back with an awesome DVD. An outstanding achievement on how Great Kat can shred these classical pieces of music and turn them into extreme Speed Metal with her genius virtuosity. Her ability to melt our ear drums with her furious shredding guitar technique."
Yiannis Z.
"'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' is entertaining from beginning to end. Jaw-dropping 'The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee'. What makes The Great Kat's fretwork so impressive isn't just her incredible speed but it's her clarity. She's playing classical music tunes on an electric guitar at around 300 beats per minute and you can hear every note. Man, she nails it!" Rating: 4 stars out of 4.
R. Scott Bolton


"Genius at work in this metal masterpiece. This Juilliard-trained violinist puts her intensely fast fingers to new use playing some of the fastest shredding you’re ever going to hear on both electric guitar and violin. Amazing version of 'Flight of the Bumblebee.'"
Jonathan Knell
David Slaughter
"The Great Kat. She's loud and profane. Her fretboard speed is awesome, and she'll take on all challengers to her classical-shred mastery. And, oh yeah, she gargles blood."
"Super shredder The Great Kat has a new DVD out: Beethoven’s Guitar Shred.  She toured with a classical orchestra before crossing over into more aggressive forms of self expression. But who cares about her pedigree? She can play Flight of the Bumblebee at 300 BPM."
Spencer Seidel
"Ultimate, electrifying, incandescent, revolutionary musician."
Naja Kemp
"What a blast! This DVD was something else! Very fast guitar and violin playing, a loud mixture of heavy metal and classical played by a buxom gal in a leather halter and black fish net stockings. Talk about roll over Beethoven! I enjoyed the mutant classical stuff on this DVD and plan on sharing it with other classical music/loud guitar fans."
Andrew M


"A beautiful woman that can shred 'Flight of the bumblebee' at 300bpm and eat your heart while doing it… literally!"


"'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' is a very pleasant surprise! I am now able to watch her shredding on the guitar and enjoying every minute. I would give The Great Kat's 'Beethoven's Guitar Shred' a big thumbs up."
Dennis Day


"Not only can this crazy bitch play faster than everyone I just mentioned, but her riffs were no f**king nonsense. No ballads, no quiet s**t unless it was from a classical composition which she frequently played as she is a Juilliard graduate, specializing in the violin. Doesn't matter what you're into musically it's just retarded how fast she can play."
"All ye faithful to lightning fast shreds, check it out!"
The Forgotten Scroll
"This Juilliard-trained violinist took famous classical pieces and turned them into thrash metal guitar opuses. She is known for her ridiculously quick playing.”
"The Great Kat's lightning-fingered homage to Ludwig van Beethoven."
"Mixing Classical Music with extremely fast guitar playing and  sadomasochism. A Musical revolution."
"The Great Kat's music evokes the grand masters of Classical Music, with a violent metal touch and perfect technique. This female plays like the Gods."
"The Great Kat -  the world’s foremost female shredder. If you think composers like Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolo Paganini are just stuffy old white guys, wait until you see a leather-and-fishnet clad wild woman bump up the BPMs. You really need to see her videos in order to comprehend just how talented — and completely over-the-top — the Great Kat's persona is in person."
Jonah Bayer


"'Girl power' is a gross understatement. The world's first shredding dominatrix."
"She has technique galore -- playing incredibly fast (shredding). Her speed-demon take on classical music is fun to listen to. The driving rhythms at these speeds and amplification can be spectacular."
Andrew Druckenbrod
"Beethoven would have loved the in-your-face energy. Superfast headbanging takes of classical works on guitar." - Edward Ortiz
"Beethoven brought to Speed/Thrash Metal and mixed with inhuman virtuosity."
"A frenzied heavy metal opus with plenty of dazzling guitar work-outs"
Neil Arnold
"Great Kat is a virtuoso. She creates the style 'Shred Classical'. This style is original and complex, it combines the power of the guitar and the violin with 'Metal' speed."
Alban Oujagir
"When you are dealing with the 'ultimate female guitar shredder', a Heavy Metal mistress, the only thing you have to do is bow and obey."
Yiannis Z.
"The Great Kat is one of the fastest guitarists in the world. The music is fast paced, full of adrenaline and breathes contemporary life into the crumbling legacies of these classical composers."
David Iversen
"Played hot enough to melt the plastic plants on a public access TV stage."
"This is wild - Check out the Great Kat doing The Flight of the Bumble Bee."
"The Great Kat a complete Triumph, once again in Excellent style, Shredder Extraordinaire! The Great Kat has the Distinction of being One of the few Women to Inspire, to encourage more Women to take up Guitar. She is a Remarkable Visionary: whose Performance is both Distinguished & Individualistic. The Great Kat plays her Guitar & Violin brilliantly tearing at a Tremendous Speed."
Naja Kemp
"Mind-blinding speed. My favorite piece is ‘Beethoven Mosh,’ which is the Fifth with a grinding, powerful guitar riff that’s slow but insistent and crackling with power. I could listen to that all day every day."
Andrew Stanfield
"Katherine is considered one of shred/classical style pioneers." "Neoclassical shredding madness played at insane tempo."
Mikolaj Furmankiewicz
Department Of Virtuosity
"One is surprised to discover that there exists a human that fast, which is a furious woman. She is called The Great Kat. With her, the themes of Beethoven become a projectile."
"The Great Kat spits her Hails once again for all to Wake Up while you watch her cast GLOBAL DOMINATION WITH SHRED/CLASSICAL MUSIC"
Herlaka Rose
"The only woman who can make Gene Simmons seem like a pansy wallflower and she's a technically superb guitar player to boot. She dons a camouflage bikini and New York Dolls warpaint to f**king shred 24-7."
Matthew Moyer
"Conjunction of virtuosity and apocalypsis, that sonic war in this case (being Kat's music a kind of chemical weapon that destroys our nervous system), that form to build and pull down all that megalomaniac and wild combination of classical music, speed and own creations in that orchestrated uproar of hypersonic guitars and violins."
Hector Noble Fernandez
"'Beethoven on Speed' boasts some of the most impressive guitar work I've heard lately. Kat demonstrates her virtuosity through reincarnating Beethoven (and a Paganini piece) as speed metal.  The speed and technicality of Kat's astounding playing will leave one floored, to say the least."
Kristofer Upjohn
"Beethoven On Speed can be looked upon as a paving stone, primarily in the avenues of grind metal and tech metal that's quickly becoming the rage. Kat dishes out perhaps the fastest version of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Flight of the Bumblebee' we've ever heard. Flickering out a gorgeous violin solo acoustically before ripping the snot out of the electric violin section with screeching sadomasochism."
Ray Van Horn, Jr.
The Metal Minute Blog
"Kat’s multi-layered delivery attacks one’s senses with a feverish intensity, effectively reminding us all of her more than considerable technical prowess. Classical arrangements with face-melting speed."
Todd Newton
"Completely insane. Another definition does not exist when you come across for the first time with the work of the guitarist Great Kat.   Nobody can deny the talent of Kat."
Fernando Souza Filho
"The f**king most s**t-hot guitar player. You can f**king "ooh" and "ahhh" at the Nuclear Assault-meets-Flight of the Bumblebee acuity of her fretwork. This is over-the-top, this is awesome. It's as if she's a herald from a world where Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Robert Johnson, Clapton, etc. were all women and now here she is doing the over-the-top rock version of that."
Matthew Moyer
"The forte of Kat is to make Shred covers of the workmanships of Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Liszt and Rossini, resulting in an intricate fast sound, for which Kat was named 'The 10 Fastest Guitarists of the World' of Guitar One Magazine."
Sergio Martorelli
"Wow. I've never heard 'Flight of the Bumblebee' played so fast on a guitar. The Great Kat is metal in the craziest sense of the word."
"The Great Kat KNOWS HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A GUITAR. The Great Kat's music evokes the great masters of Classical Music, with a touch a violent metal and a perfectionistic technique. This female plays like the Gods."
"In the matter of virtuosity, the speed metal guitarist, The Great Kat, leaves you stunned. The guitarist makes an impression with her dominance of speed techniques."
Henrique Inglez de Souza
"The Great Kat, a shred guitarist playing classical music with lightning fast licks. If you like guitar, blood and guts, then check it out. It's got 6 Super Shred Videos to keep you pumped!"
John Reed
"New DVD from the famous woman with the fast fingers. For fans, this DVD is a clear MUST. RATING: 9 out of 10."
Thorsten Jansen
"Superfast shredding on top of crazy symphonies and screeching metal vocals. So much to love about this record ["Wagner's War" CD]. It’s absurd, insane and truly impressive. The 10 second sample of her Flight of the Bumblebee got me hot."
"The Great Kat, Juilliard prodigy-turned-caterwauling speed-metal guitarist, may be abrasive, but judging from this disc, she's never boring. A-"
Bob Strauss
Entertainment Weekly
Caryn Ganz
"The Great Kat is one of the best guitarists, besides originally being a professional violinist and to top it all off, she has the luxury of being sexy."
"Considered in the group of the 10 fastest guitarists of all the time by Guitar One Magazine. Kat changed from the violin to the electric guitar to create music, which is the most crazily fast and horrifying of the world, a mixture of Classical music and speed metal.  The most demented guitarist on the planet."
"This woman has the title of the fastest in the world when it comes to guitar. She is the dominatrix of the six-string, who gives honor to Sade, metal and the great composers."
Israel Morales
"The Great Kat is fantastic: technique and speed in service of the guitar. Impressive virtuosity."
Henrique Inglez de Souza
"Katherine Thomas is a musical virtuoso. Over-the-top antics and the thin line between brilliance and insanity. The Great Kat is amazing."
"The Great Kat - FELINE GROOVY. Utterly bonkers, self-proclaimed High Priestess Of Shred Guitar. Likes blood. And Beethoven. And she's from Swindon. Must hear: William Tell Overture."
Sian Llewellyn, Editor
The Great Kat's Upcoming DVD is a "MASTERPIECE OF SHRED MUSIC!"
("Próximamente el nuevo DVD THE GREAT KAT una pieza maestra de musica Shred)"
The Noise Hour Radio Show
"F**king amazing. Never have I seen a female shred the guitar as fast the Great Kat. Her musical style is not only unique but blisteringly intoxicating. This ‘She Demon’ shreds unlike another."
"The Great Kat is the greatest guitar player in the world. There will never be another one like her. She's an exceptionally talented artist."
Paul Autry
"THE GREAT KAT 'Blood' mp3. A 39-second blast of pain--She claims to be (among other things) God, and the reincarnation of Beethoven. She's a patriot, too (YouTube)! Does she scare me? Yeah. "
The Great Kat Quote in "THE GREAT ROCK 'N' ROLL QUOTE BOOK" - In Chapter Entitled "EGO":
"I am bringing my genius to idiots who cannot go out and reach it for themselves because they are too stupid."
Edited by Merrit Malloy
"The Great Rock 'N' Roll Quote Book"
"With the Violin and Guitar you take control. You’re a classic goddess struck by the lightning bolt from the metal god."
Stephen Blackwell
"The Great Kat is a Dangerous, Brutal, Fantastic and Virtuoso Guitarist!"
Salvador Diaz
"The Great Kat’s music cuts like a knife. The world’s fastest woman guitarist has given the music of Beethoven, Wagner and Bach a twist that jolts sensibilities of traditionalists and heavy metal musicians a new avenue."
Mathures Paul
"Take one part Juilliard graduate, one part metal-head, one part classical music virtuoso, and one part pure all consuming politically incorrect passion, mix vigorously, and you might have a portion of The Great Kat."
Harris Fogel
"A demon woman from hell that plays the guitar unlike no other."
Chris Ferrante
The Great Kat Listed in Urban Dictionary:
"Awesome trained violin virtuoso chic that became a guitar virtuoso after graduating."
"It can't get any better than this. Over the top? Absolutely! Entertaining? You bet!" -
Peter Van Laarhoven
"The Great Kat - A metal shredding chick that will kick your ass! She's a virtuoso!"
The Morning Edge with Buck and Dex
"THE GREAT KAT, a toxic feline with razor sharp claws and an affection for electric guitars."
God Of Metal
"This one-of-a-kind musician knows excitement."
John Lorinc
"The Great Kat plays guitar (very fast) and the violin (very, very fast) and she treats us to her metal / classical music crossover. This girl has balls and she can make that axe (and her men) wail."
"The Great Kat is a guitar virtuoso that has made it her passion to resurrect classical music and combine it with shred guitar. I was quite impressed with not only how fast she could play the guitar, but that she was equally as fast on the violin."
George Dionne
The Great Kat's Shred/Classical Music in BOOK:
Janell R. Duxbury
"The success of the classical ideologies of complexity, virtuosity, and individuality is most obvious in the recent emergence of "guitar for guitarists" metal. Hypervirtuosic players like The Great Kat."
Robert Walser
"Running With The Devil" Book - Chapter entitled: "Eruptions: Heavy Metal Appropriations of Classical Virtuosity"
"One of the premier shredders on the planet (male or female).  The Great Kat's new DVD, Extreme Guitar Shred was an intense, blistering set of short music videos. The songs are short, note for note arrangements of familiar classical arrangements, cranked up to 11 and played with dizzying speed.  Just listening to it is enough to almost shred the skin right off your fingertips in a spray of sweat and blood."
Jeremy The Loner
DeansPlanet.com Celebrity Interviews
"By far, The Great Kat is the fastest female shredder I’ve ever heard, and quite possibly one of the fastest of today."
George Dionne
Rock Is Life Webzine
"The Great Kat's Extreme Guitar Shred DVD Rules! In the Extreme Guitar Shred DVD, The Great Kat shows her chops as the ultimate guitarist of all time. As a Juilliard graduate violinist, The Great Kat really shows guitarists how a virtuoso violinist plays the virtuoso guitar. I've recommended this DVD to all my friends so they can see that a woman can play better guitar than a man! Extreme Guitar Shred rules"
"Take Beethoven, Wagner, Liszt, Vivaldi, Sarasate, et al, pour into a blender and shred full speed for 2 minutes and pour yourself a tall one! Down it quickly while flipping wildly through Heavy Metal Magazine cum WWE SmackDown while someone slaps you across the ears repeatedly. Even this won’t come close to watching the 2-minute video vignettes presented on DVD Extreme Guitar Shred by the Great Kat."
"'Extreme Guitar Shred' is bound to be a masterpiece. You have to see and hear this shred meister perform to believe the power of Shred/Classical!"
"Breathtaking music, fast-paced classical, revamped, chewed, spat out and laced with spit from the devil himself."
Jim Ody
"Rock music could become the new classical music...Katherine 'The Great Kat' Thomas, for example, a Juilliard trained violinist, has adapted works by Vivaldi, Beethoven, Liszt and Wagner for shred guitar and classical orchestra."
Tim Brookes
"Guitar An American Life" Book - Chapter entitled: "Guitar Rock Takes Over"
"Legendary guitarist. Death-defying guitar skill. This guitar and violin virtuoso is skilled at taking classical pieces and morphing them into speed metal and on this DVD she shows us those skills via some pretty awe-inspiring music videos. Wagner, Bazzini, Sarasate, Vivaldi, and Liszt are compressed into total balls-to-the-wall guitar shred."
"Original Masterpiece. An artist with more talent than any guitar player I have ever heard in my life. I was very impressed with her finger bleeding guitar shredding which would make most guitar players slack jawed." 
Jake A. Wheat
"The Great Kat can outplay just about every guitarist on the planet.  She can zoom up and down a fretboard faster than a hungry cheetah on steroids. Her fretboard speed is awesome."
Michael Molenda
"She is a Juilliard graduate and a magnificent guitarist and violinist."
"The Great Kat! DVD Excellent! Site de la délicieuse Kat, qui fait une musique déjantée à base de métal et de musique classique (en anglais), dernier album 'Wagner's War'"
Jerome & Stephane
"Over-the-top shred. The Great Kat puts Vai and Yngwie to shame with her faster-than-lighting licks. Extreme patriotism with extreme feminism."
Jedd Beaudoin
"Rating: 10/10!!! Totally speed metal madness with huge influences of classic violin-guitar virtuosity! 'Extreme Guitar Shred' is for true maniacs"
"Kat demonstrates a skill which I do not have words to describe, as much with the violin as the guitar at a speed that escape to the course human knowledge. Buy this DVD no matter what."
Armando Mutilator
"Awesome! You're a Goddess! You're the cutting edge! Kat, You Rule! Kat Shreds! Kat Shreds! Kat Shreds!!"
Tommy & Rumble
"Extreme Guitar Shred is a definite way to get the metal heads to listen to classical music. A metal menace delight. Her guitar and violin playing is intense, strings sawed and plucked with a vengeance."
Bruce Von Stiers
"Is She fast? That question gets a mighty Hell yes."
Morris Tang
"Totally speed metal madness with huge influences the classic violin-guitar virtuosity!"
"The Great Kat utterly defies description. A Julliard graduate and guitar virtuoso, she is singlehandedly pioneering a movement to meld metal and classical music into a new genre called 'Shred Classical.' Extreme Guitar Shred. The most bizarre, in-your-face shred guitar ever recorded."
Chris Carle
"The Great Kat is a force of nature, a performer of such dramatic histrionics and extreme virtuosity that she leaves audiences in awe. She wields both the guitar and violin like weapons, and delivers masterful rock renditions of cherished classical songs."
Tower Records
"The Great Kat can totally shred. In fact, she's so scary fast on guitar and violin, that once you retrieve your ego from the gutter, you almost have to laugh. Her technique is simply insane."
Michael Molenda
"Steeped in the fury of Satan, The Great Kat brings virtuosity and inventiveness."
Denali Dasgupta
"Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD Rating: 10/10
"She is some kind of a legend among the fans. This is a must for all of you who are tired of so called neo-classical guitar players and want to hear REAL GUITAR SHRED!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"You think you know speed. You think you know shred. You know nothing until you know the Great Kat!!"
Rob Belanger
"The Great Kat. Extreme Guitar Shred. This is what you get when you cross a WWE wrestler and an intense, fast-as-hell shredder guitarist, with...a concert violinist. Extreme Guitar Shred is a rollercoaster of impressively fast guitar and gruesome imagery. Do check this out, because this woman can do things most humans can't. Here is classical music on speed, and it's hard not to be impressed."
Caroline Dworin
"Prepare to be dazzled by guitar and violin pyrotechnics that will blister your fingers (and you aren't even playing!)"
"Showing the ultimate in Violin and guitar shred. Just God!"
Matt D'Agostino
"Showcasing the Kat’s outrageous takes on classical music done up with her patented guitar and violin histrionics; it’s entertaining as hell."
Greg Pratt
"The Great Kat is a talented guitarist. The DVD adds an extra dimension and was certainly entertaining."
Stuart A Hamilton
"Here's what the Extreme Guitar Shred DVD is: a collection of short, themed videos depicting The Great Kat doing variously discomforting things, to a soundtrack featuring her impressive chops." 
Mikey McClenathan
"She (Katherine Thomas) really is a virtuoso, both on guitar and violin and her technical prowess puts to shame a lot of would-be guitar heroes."
Jerry Fielden
"So buckle up and hang on tight as 'The Great Kat' Takes you on a ride of your lifetime in the newest collection (Extreme Guitar Shred DVD). This is the real deal a true gift of talent that the 'Great Kat' possesses with speeding/shredding guitar riffs that will make your hairs on your neck stand straight up. For all you extreme guitarist this a must for your guitar playing collection of videos."
Steve Paul
"In the video you can watch her trade off with herself back and forth between guitar shredding and violin shredding. Its quite amazing actually to watch. She is the most awesome guitar goddess ever born. AND GOD!!!!!!!!"
Rabishu Xul
"The fury that The Great Kat expresses in her performances, as for instance we can see in this DVD, acquires legendary dimensions."
Jorge Munnshe
"Macho shredders beware: The Great Kat will skewer you, tear you apart note by note, dine on your bleeding wounds, then lick your blood off her high velocity paws before she yawns. Every track on "Extreme Guitar Shred" is a full frontal assault, exploding with blazing lines from the likes of Wagner, Liszt, and Sarasate. For gonzo shredders and those who have an appreciation for classical motifs, this DVD is highly recommended."
Rick Landers
"With all the subtlety of a chainsaw, The Great Kat has unleashed Extreme Guitar Shred upon humanity.  The videos themselves are mini-plays set to Kat’s remarkable shredding."
By O.M.O.M.
"'Extreme Guitar Shred'. The Great Kat's chops are impressive – the speed with which she spits out scales on both electric guitar and violin is astounding, especially when accompanied, as it is on the DVD’s six videos, by her snarling, wild-eyed metal posturing and head-banging."
Patrick Enright
"This dvd is killer from start to finish. This dvd is great for anyone who wants an awesome introduction of The Great Kat, and A must for extreme guitar shredding fans. I highly recommend it."
DJ Bushmado
"Blistering versions of LISZT, BAZZINI, WAGNER, VIVALDI, and SARASATE classical pieces in raw GREAT KAT style. The dvd has something for fans of Classical and metal."
Tony Anderson
"Extreme Guitar Shred offers blistering guitar and violin work with all the S&M, blood, gore and twisted humor you need to make the DVD enjoyable. Marvel at the sheer speed at which her fingers fly across the strings."
Terry Bunch
"Whether you are a fan of shredding guitars, essential metal, or a hot chick in skimpy S&M outfits, this DVD is a must have for your collection."
Satan On A Stick Webzine
"Everything rips by at a blistering pace with her majesty displaying why she was recently voted one of the top 10 shredders of all time. Shredder paradise."
"Modern day Paganini. Her virtuosity on these instruments (guitar and violin) is nothing short of amazing. No holds barred guitar acrobatics."
Erin Fox
"The Great Kat is a musical virtuoso. Fantastic dexterity. Divine talent. Guitar and violin speedcapades. Neo-classical monstrosity. All women should be so powerful."
Liz Ciavarella
"The more you know about The Great Kat, the more she seems like a walking, talking unifying theory of women and rock guitar."
David Segal
"'ZAPATEADO' Music Video is a stunning combination of The Great Kat's unmatched guitar speed and riveting heavy metal violin work. It's breathlessly stunning."
R. Scott Bolton
"Conjunction of virtuosity and apocalypsis, that form to build and pull down all that megalomaniac and wild combination of classical music, speed and own creations in that orchestrated uproar of hypersonic guitars and violins and toxicant extremism."
Hector Noble Fernandez
"The classical masterpieces sound so damn good mixed with metal that it's hard to explain. One of the best concepts to ever enter the metal world."
Britton Dicks, Jr.
"This wild woman of New York City can shred a guitar like no one else. All I can say is pick this s**t up and listen to it. It will definitely change the way you look at classical music."
Angela Monger
"Rating: 10 out of 10! Total f**king shred guitar mixed with the classical stylings of Wagner. Insane music of the highest caliber. 'Wagners War' is jammed packed with guitar shredding and violin shredding masterpieces only The Great Kat come spew forth."
Rabishu (Bogues) Xul
"'WAGNER'S WAR' shows The Great Kat's dexterity with the 6 strings, playing at the speed of light."
"Rapid, Furious, and Genius. Maybe this is the music of the future. Brutal and perfect. Essential Disc."
Ayar F.R.O.G.
"All three acts of this cycle (War, Revenge and Victory) are delivered at a breakneck pace. The Great Kat isn't your typical metal star."
Sean Carruthers
"Insane rapid Classical shredding. 'Wagner's War' is definitively a great release, very innovative and creative, the musicianship is out of this world."
***** ***** (10 out of 10 Stars!) "The fastest guitar solos you might ever hear.   Staccato Solos that are so out of this world. The Great Kat outperforms not most, but all of the competition, by not only being faster, but also much fiercer than anyone I can think of."
Pascal Thiel
"The Great Kat plays Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, on guitar and violin at break-neck speed. An amazing musician!"
Mark Deren
"Some of the most intricate, complex classical music done expertly on guitar at break-neck speed. To hear someone with this skill is amazing and I would recommend that everyone check it out."
Dennis Day
"The Great Kat is a Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso who applies those classical disciplines with equal conviction to her outrageous metal guitar style."
Paul Salter
Chris O'Byrne
"Wagner's War" CD
*** (Three Stars)
"The Great Kat, New York's head-banging thrash goddess, continues to connect the dots between metal music and classical with her latest, 'Wagner's War.' Inspired by the events of Sept. 11, Kat renders some of music's most famous, aggressive, battle-inspired pieces in shredding-speed metal arrangements that hiss and spit."
Dan Aquilante
"Recently unleashing her latest opus, 'Wagner’s War', she's yet again poised to take over heavy metal as we know it by blending blindingly fast guitar shredding with grindcore and yes, classical music."
Keith Carman
"Rating: 10/10. 'Wagner’s War' is yet another masterpiece from the fastest guitar-goddess alive. The new album is bound for eternity."
Max Thrasher
"The jewel of 'Wagner's War' CD is Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody #2' and Sarasate's 'Zapateado', where The Great Kat shreds on violin and guitar brilliantly."
Jorge Miranda
"A crossroads of Beethoven on acid meeting the musical fury of a woman on a mission that most man can't compete with."
"I'm quite impressed! THE GREAT KAT is the f**king Mistress of Metal & the Succubus of Speed! Without a doubt the fastest, heaviest, most talented female shredder of all time!"
Lord Aphoticax
"The Great Kat's technical abilities are amazing to say the least."
Angela Monger
"'WAGNER'S WAR' is an overpowering seven-song eleven-minute whirlwind of complex speed guitar orchestration in response to Sept. 11, 2001."
Kevin McCarley
"'Wagner's War' grabs you by the balls & rips your throat out!!! The screams in the song "Terror" invokes memories of that terror filled day in September, 2001."
Bill & Deb
"The Great Kat is unique: a strange mixture of furious madness and pure instrumental virtuosity."
Nicolas Pingnelain
"The Great Kat plays the guitar very fast. Faster than you, for sure.
Faster than everybody, pretty much."
Ian Stewart
"'Wagner's War' is pure genius and has to be the fastest guitar playing I have ever heard in my life. Simply put, the greatest Classical Masterpiece The Black Angel has come across."
Andy Burke
"The Great Kat, speed metal goddess & possibly the fastest shredder in the world.  'Wagner's War' is definitely a CD for the guitar shredders to check out & study!"
"This is a highly talented guitar/violin shredding goddess, here to take the throne and let you bow to her."
"The queen of speed on the six string.
'Wagner's War' is crammed full of some of the most intricate and frenzied music you will ever feast your bleeding ears upon."
Josh Drespling
"I don’t think I’ve ever heard a faster guitarist.
But not only is she furiously fast, she’s also good and inspired.
Rarely do you find these three qualities in one guitarist."
A-J Charron
GuitarNoise, The Online Guitar College
"On "Wagner War" The Feline Goddess bridges Shred & Aggression with song titles
like "Terror"," Punishment" & "Humiliation" and then just tears it up on guitar."
"The Great Kat's lightening quick fingers and guitar riffs are nothing less than amazing as her interpretations bring to life the drama and bloodshed that is war."
Mike Greenhall
"The Great Kat is one of the best, speediest, and spellbinding axe grinders in the music scene today."
Rikk Matheson
"The Great Kat and her Jackson King V, thrashing madly, and headbanging wildly. Vicious shredding assault, not for the faint of heart"
Erik Chrupalyk
"If blistering leads and ripping fast solos are your thing, then this disc is definitely for you."
Dan Wettlaufer
The Oxford Review
"Once I Think I've heard the new extreme in music something like
The Great Kat comes along. Awesome!"
"Lightning fast guitar chops.
Hell, if the US government really wants Saddam to leave Iraq they could always put WAGNER'S WAR on repeat at full volume and in a few days they would surely surrender."
Mita Tate
"The guitars shred everything!! Complex, ultra raging fury and ultra-blasting."
"An absolute demoness shredder on both guitar and violin. The mixture of heart-racing classical war anthems mixed with 'kick 'em in the face' post-9/11 anger (this record's theme)."
"Nobody can really compare to The Great Kat. She makes guys like Yngwie Malmsteen look like just another guitarist!"
Erik Chrupalyk
Unstoppable Force Webzine
"Flashing images of concentration atrocities and the horror of the World Trade Center attacks. If you need to get your blood boiling again, The Great Kat's 'War' video will help you do it."
R. Scott Bolton
"The Great Kat - who is not only an excellent shredder, but a fine composer, too -  is probably best known for re-orchestrating classical music standards for shred-metal interpretation. This has included the works of Vivaldi, Rossini, Beethoven, and others, and requires a firm grasp of both speed-picking and sweep-picking, not to mention a very limber fret-hand."
- David McLean,
"The Great Kat is a metal goddess who's from New York City and on this cd she expresses her feelings of destruction, a desire to destroy all those who burned down the American dream as The Great Kat stands with an American flag on the cover, ready to start the war."
Didier Becu
"This new CD by the Great Kat not only shreds
but makes one feel proud to be an American. She's a f**king GENIUS!"
Leah Gold
Tablet Newspaper
"Lovers of guitar will surely have to check this album."
"Her version of Classical pieces like Wagner's 'The Ride of the Valkyries' and Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody' are done at breakneck speeds and with an insane speed technique. Fans of extreme speed need to check this out."
Chris Lee
"A new high for the career of one of the most innovative artistes in the independent music world."
Rick Leider
Black Cat Media
"This utterly demented CD is so scrupulously arranged and impassioned that it can’t help but disturb"
"The Great Kat is, perhaps, the greatest female guitarist that this planet has ever seen."
Paul Autry
Spotlight Magazine
"I really don't know how she plays this fast. She will be the first to tell you that she's the fastest guitarist in the world, well after hearing this instrumental ("Hungarian Rhapsody #2") I can't help but say she may be right. She burns the guitar up on this one!"

"Rossini's Rape is the fastest, most acidic offering this side of hell. Between her violin and guitar assaults meshed with her classical piano onslaughts and the rage of her speed metal band, The Great Kat can be cloned by no one."
Liz Ciavarella
"Technologically intimidating instrumental work comprising implacable sulfate-over-dosed classical riffs, Gomez Addams harpsichord, horns and strings, all over and done with in just under six and a half minuten."
George Smith
The Village Voice
"I’ve never heard classical music sound like this. ‘Rossini’s Rape’ is the best instrumental offering I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear."
Glenn Milligan
Metalliville Webzine
"The Great Kat shines because of the conspicuous capacity she has to play some instruments like the guitar, the violin, the violas. Listen to  Rossini's "William Tell Overture" and Bazzini's "The Round of the Goblins", which are very intense and we have to admit both of them have a pleasant peculiarity which you'll enjoy to listen for sure."
Prelude to Darkness Webzine
"Blood, guts, cleavage and severed male organs fly like mad,
while one hears Kat shriek and wail with delight."
Keith Carman
Varsity Review Magazine
"In the Great Kat's new music video, she prances around half-nekkid in a blood-soaked boudoir, kissing skeletons and castrating men."
Eric Searleman
The Arizona Republic Magazine
"THE GODDESS FROM HELL HAS COME BACK!!! This is another crazy piece elaborated by the insane & genius mind of american classic gore grind goddess GREAT KAT"
Edgar Franco
Krepuskulum Magazine
"It has a totally insane speed & the Kat's vocals/screams just added more insanity. Plus the music is in the dark side of lust with pain, Yeah! in the S&M realm! With titles 'Sodomize' & 'Castration'. This is for Metal Heads with Metal B***s!!!!"
Roy Sierra
Underworld Music Zine
"The leather and lingerie-clad dominatrix of the heavy metal set has ripped through classical greats and original compositions at lightning speed, discombobulating our traditional perspectives of classical music and sending her devout followers into spasmodic reveries. And with the release of the recent 'Rossini's Rape' and gory video for "Castration", she continues to overload our senses."
Bryan Reesman
KNAC.com Magazine
"'Rossini’s Rape' is a masterpiece. It is an album that the Cape as been yearning for, for many, many years and we are indebted to the genius of one fine, foxy and extremely clever young lady for delivering it. Ball bursting pleasure from The Great Kat; a living breathing pioneer." 
Glitzy Cape
"The songs are very complex, loud, and powerful. 'Rossini's William Tell Overture' is a GREAT version, intense, ultra-fast piece featuring Kat on guitar, violins and viola."
Renzo Parodi
Psicoterror Zine
"This is new classic masterpiece blasting symphony!!! The Great Kat plays guitar and violin very fast and blasts with supersonic power while she rapes the boys."
Putra Pande
Anorexia Orgasm Webzine
"With the last track Bazzini's ' The Round of the Goblins' she shows off her talents once again not only on guitar but violin as well. With fiery speed and technique The Great Kat proves she can master anything or anybody, for that matter."
Kathryn Smith
Strength-Beyond-Strength Webzine
"Classical trained on the violin, The Great Kat shows you how real classical music should be played, forget yngwie, this girl rocks!!"
Jason Brown
Friday 13th Zine
"Kat is exceptionally gifted, a true musical genius who remains light years ahead of the rest. The Great Kat is a one of a kind artist and, in this life time, I don't think we'll see anyone else who can match what she has done and continues to do. All Hail The Great Kat because she is your Goddess!
Paul Autry
Spotlight Magazine
"To many people, when you first Discover or meet The Great Kat, they will be immediately be shocked by her appearances , but if you are looking for a great talent that you cannot find in this world, The truth and answer is the Great Kat! The Kat is of great quality for Arts and of course her famous speed classical guitar movements from HELL ! True metal lover!"
Oriental Choice of Music Force
"Guitar virtuosos who enjoy classical Metal from the likes of Yngwie Malmstein will be very happy with this release. Malmstein's Metal is a weak counterpart of what the Kat's mastermind can do on both the guitar and violins."
Heavy Metal Lives
"That is a new true fast insanity of the brilliant goddess GREAT KAT, a torture chamber where KAT hurts hers slaves while she plays her guitar furiously to the speed of the light."
Edgar Franco
Krepuskulum Webzine
"I am left speechless as I stare at this CD. 'Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed' is the mark of a traveler, teacher and prophet."
Abbas Jaffary
"Within the first 15 seconds your heart and soul WILL be brought to their knees with a mercilessly beautiful violin, truly one of the best extensions of herself I've heard.  Her forceful overshadowing of complex rhythmic purity and diabolically acute instrumentational precision allow her preeminence to manipulate one's emotions, without question."
Abbas Jaffary
Altars Of Metal WebZine
"Bloody Vivaldi" is a short and intense 4 song 7 min. 23 sec. onslaught of twisted classical music offering a brutal mix of violin and guitar wizardry bordering on insanity."
Greg Cataline
MUEN Magazine
"The Great Kat. Bloody Vivaldi CD. This woman is a myth of the metal!!! THE goddess of the human deterioration and of the millennium end, uniting with brilliant idea tortures and classic music.  THE GREAT KAT IS GOD!!!!!"
Edgar Franco
Krepuskulum Magazine
"Sadistic, immoral, bloody, vicious
but talentuous here is the maestro of the 6 strings."
Christophe Ciretti
Innate Magazine
"Man, this is intense!  Blood, Chains & Chainsaws, Large drills
being drilled into the chest cavity, boiling water and other pleasant aspects abound."
Ryan Lunatic
The Crusader E-Zine
"Some of the fastest guitar and violin work I have ever heard."
Philip Cantore
UIC Today Magazine

"You will definitely find yourself partaking in this video more than once, depending on your perversion level."
The Crusader Fanzine

"Every music aficionado would be completely struck in awe after hearing her."
Faisal Fahimullah
Gothic Times Magazine

"The music bedazzles and paralyzes! For 2 minutes 12 seconds the cyberspeed version of the classical blockbuster starts the revolution in heavy metal."
Andrey Grishel
Vox Mortis

"If lightning fast guitar romps or half nude abusing dominatrix's or the sight of multiple torture devices sound anything like your cup of shed-blood, then your money's already in the mail!"
The Metallian

"This video is totally sick with insanely intense guitar shredding."
Larry Lava
Metalurgy's "Live Evil"

"KAT is more than proving that she is a God of guitar shred and has now advanced in the visual world. Watch in horror as KAT serves the dementia up on a silver platter or fret board."
Hammerhead Zine

"The Great Kat is someone special - it's the phenomenon, because - it's not enough that she's beautiful woman, more - she knows what the guitar is all about and she plays it perfectly and really flashy."
Lukasz Jaszak
Morbid Noizz Magazine

"The version of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' is my favorite showcasing Kat's incredible violin technique and speed."
Ryan Kriste
The Crusader Fanzine

"'Blood' was another audio assault that grabbed me by the throat for an all too brief 39 seconds of total terror as I envisioned hunting and grizzly images a la Kubrick's 'The Shining'."
Michel Berandi
Panik Magazine

"This is the sickest 2 1/2 minutes ever captured on film! 'Torture Chamber' is a visual and aural orgasm."
Pat Egan
Good Times Magazine

"A triumph of imagery meshing pleasure with pain, music with masochism, theatre of the mind with mind-blowing classically-propelled metal."
Slappy Morgan
Long Island Entertainment Magazine

"With blistering speed and impressive metal chops, The Great Kat has injected classical music with "cyberspeed," bringing it into the 20th Century."
R. Scott Bolton
Rough Edge Magazine

"She takes beautiful old classical compositions and whips them into shape, abuses them, and spits them out as speed metal masterpieces."
Neo-Barbaric Zine

"This is Heavy Metal and she is the master! An absolute musical genius. Full speed, aggressive Metal from far beyond our time."
Steve Ravic
Metal Warriors "Heavy Metal News" Magazine

"Great musician, excellent combination of orchestra and metal, choatic as romantic vocals/screams, great production, orgasmic solos from the violin and now I AM A SLAVE TO THE GREAT KAT!"
Paul Sanchez
Death By Metal Zine

"She takes beautiful old classical compositions and whips them into shape, abuses them, and spits them out as speed metal masterpieces."
Neo-Barbaric Zine

"The Great Kat has created an unmistakable sound, and her intimidating personality reaches for the jugular of any concert-goer or listener."
David Sherman
Soundstage Magazine

"High speed electric guitars and violins make the center of the music. Blood, screams and torture surrounds the music of insanity."
Nordic Vision Magazine

"The biggest and best surprise was that The Great Kat isn't all flash and gore, but a very intelligent person, which is a nice addition to an already talented musician."
Keith McDonald
Inside Connection Magazine

"KAT is at her best when she transforms classical music into blistering cyberspeed metal, no one can touch her."
Tim Maher
D.B.N. Magazine

"'Torture Chamber' and 'Blood' are truly shocking pieces. The electric guitar sounds louder and louder, in a dark crescendo, and the voice of the artist makes the listener's hairs stand on end. "
Amazing Sounds

"The velocity and harmony accomplished by Katherine Thomas on this CD is absolutely amazing! Get a dose of speed! "
Ricardo Brenes
Infernal Nation Zine

"Insane guitar gymnastics. This is totally original and innovative, and yes, heavy and extreme! "
Shane Tolle
Last Judgement Zine

"If you ever appreciated the beauty of Classical music and have respect for the great composers and history you'll appreciate this CD-ROM. There should be more releases like this."
Ricardo Brenes
Infernal Nation Zine

"The song 'Torture Chamber' is what it would sound like if you were being murdered by a guitar wielding dominatrix."
Tommy Voelker
Devil's Triangle Zine

"She's a bondage queen, an excellent musician and has a real penchant for self-promotion. Let your fingers bleed, the future is cyberspeed."
Aaron Gustafson
The Fritz Magazine

"An outrageous excess of virtuosism. Hyper-perfectionist technique and killer riffs"
Armando Mutilator
"The new masterpiece 'Bloody Vivaldi' contains four extremely well-executed Classical/Metal tracks, which stands for pure virtuosity and eminent talent of the mighty Great Kat."
Cornelius Kontros
Encomium Zine

"Totally superb! Retaining all of the melodic glory of the original and bringing it up to date with a bang, nay, an explosion of musical dexterity and powerful passion.
'Bloody Vivaldi' has to be heard to be believed."
Louis Ravensfield
Bloodstone Magazine

"Simply amazing!
This Four Seasons' quality is prodigiously incredible! "
Live Steel Zine

"The Great Kat separates herself from the others in her field by combining speed metal and classical music, making this weird combination a real winner."
Keith McDonald
The Inside Connection

"Most noteworthy is the speed at which these songs fly out at the listener as being able to play so fast and be so precise are the attributes of this accomplished player."
Unrestrained! Zine

"Nobody can touch The Great Kat! You will never in your life look at classical music the same after you hear Kat. I give this CD an A+."
Mike Jones
The Risk Street Team

"This CD is a piece of Art. Extraordinarily played. The versions are incredible."
Sergio Sousa
King of Lusitania Zine

"'Torture Chamber' rips at the flesh then gets a touch twisted and industrial.
A way darker side of The Master Kat."
Hammerhead Zine

"Kat proves that She reached a so high level of genius that nobody can be compared to her. The Great Kat is unique, The Great Kat is genuine, She is really the best !"
Laurent Bocquet
The French Connection

"On Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' , speeeeeed merchant, The Great Kat, unleashes yet another sonic burst of hyperspeed guitar and violin.
It's all a powerpacked 2:12, and damn good."
Mike G
Metal Maniacs Magazine

"Once again The Great Kat shows you that no one can match her musical genius and proves that it's one of the best CD-ROMS ever made! Bravo!"
Pat Egan
Good Times Magazine

"Opening with a lightning-speed rendition of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', The
Great Kat takes away all doubt of the range and scope of her virtuoso talents. We are quite impressed with her ability to cross lines, push the envelope, and cram her bleeding message down your gagging throat. Bravo!"
Scott Johnson
Red Magazine

"The Great Kat is a female guitarist who plays virtuoso guitar on such a high tempo and precision that is amazing. She is a master of the guitars. "
Nightwalk Magazine

"Bloody, shrieking, guitars screeching out the most evil and vile renditions
of classical music your ears will ever bleed to. "
Cary G.
Mainstream Resistance

"This latest piece of recorded madness from guitar virtuoso "The Great Kat" sees her continuing to take the classical music from world famous composers and shred it up into a hundred million pieces scattered on the floor - then piece it back together and record it about ten times faster and louder.
That's what she does, and she's amazingly gifted at it."
Vinnie Apicella
Access to the Music Zone

"The four songs on the new CD, two Classical pieces, Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' and Sarasate's 'Carmen Fantasy,' as well as two Kat originals, will absolutely change your heartbeat. Speed, simply put, rules."
John Blenn
Long Island Entertainment Magazine

"Kat's ferocious speed demon way of playing guitar is amazing. Kat comes in with a few quick punches and leaves the listener reeling."
Kim Callahan
UnSealed Ezine

"'Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy For Violin & Band', a masterpiece of music that should prove an influence on bands heading in this direction."
hEARd Magazine

"This video is some of the sickest I've seen. It all looks like a mixture of a live performance, an S/M meeting and a satanic mass. It's one of my favorite videos."
Marcus Karlsson
Marcus Karlsson's Homepage for Extreme Metal

"'Zigeunerweisen' is stamped by a duel of classical violin virtuosity and THE GREAT KAT's cyberspeeding guitar riffs - I've never heard something like this before."
Oliver Schönknecht
Nightshade Magazine

"You have to strap yourself down when you listen to this vicious, hyperspeed CD. Without The Great Kat where would Classical Music be?"
Paul Beyer
Under The Corpse Zine

"Cyberspeed, The Great Kat's personal contribution to the ongoing evolution to the genre of rock-n-roll, is a fusion of classical and thrash, nasty adrenalinized speedmetal played at blistering speeds."
Riff Gibson
Raging Smolder Music Review

"Her solos are incredible. She often plays arrangements of classical songs like Rossini, Beethoven, ...but at a very high speed. This shows her extreme dexterity."
Laurent Bocquet
The Unofficial Underground Heavy Metal Bands Page

"One of the most incredible guitarists I have ever heard. With lightening speed, she moves at a pace that very few guitarists can replicate. Impeccable timing and obviously classically trained, the Great Kat is definitely talented."
Gary King
Raw Indie Rock Zine

"Sarasate's Gypsy violin waltz, 'Zigeunerweisen,' a mere 1:13, yet brimming with inventive licks at lightning warp speed."
Mike G
Metal Maniacs Magazine

"If you have a sense of humor and a taste for the unusual, plunge on ahead and let this Juilliard-trained violinist turned guitar-wielding dominatrix offer you her cyberspeed renditions of Beethoven, Paganini and company."
Bob Suter

"Kat's hyper-driven humor and aggressive presence may be exactly what is needed to set straight the basics of Beethoven and Bach."
Marilyn A. Gillen
Billboard Magazine

"Her music isn't heard; it's felt. Loud and constant, it cuts through the listener's body like a blunt knife."
Farhan Memon
New York Post




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